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2262 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53207
Toppers Pizza in Milwaukee, WI
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    Toppers Pizza aims to be the best pizza company in the world by killing it on every detail of the customer experience. Our claim to fame comes in the form of Topperstix™, arguably the planet’s most addictively delicious cheesy breadstix. Our House Pizzas start with our fresh, made-from-scratch dough, smothered in real Wisconsin cheese and finished with outrageous toppings such as French fried onions, oven-roasted tomatoes, mac ‘n cheese and tater tots. Not to mention, we are open later than late and our delivery drivers run to keep your food hot!

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    i like you guys pizza but if u guys give me some more discount or copen that would be great ...!
    The website is very glitchy. I tried to switch out the sauce on a pizza it charged me a couple dollars extra to change sauces. The webpage also keeps on shifting to the bottom of the page after I enter in the web address, I have to keep on pressing home button to scroll the page back to the top. I also had to re-register with the website because the new website wouldn't recognize my old toppers account id and password.
    The crew is very friendly, they treat people like friends, and remember people's names. They make the pizzas exactly as ordered and very consistently. They also seem to get along with each other well. Give them a raise!
    I HATE the jargon I have to sit through while on hold. Pllllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaase, stop torturing me and just let it be a ring tone.... Or song if need be or something; it is infuriating. I almost lose my appetite every time I call. Maybe I just want salad, why is this guy blabbering in my ear about the inefficiency of a salad before I place my order? Maybe, I just want a salad! I have genuinely hung up multiple times and decided not to eat due to this over the top obnoxious voice! I hhhhaaaatttte ittttttt! (And it did not take long for the employee to answer.) Thanks though! Pizza wings sticks and soda is always good people are nice and I love the variety of dipping sauces.
    The online ordering experience was great. I ordered from my phone with was incredibly easy. Service was excellent and my order was completed before the scheduled pick up time. Overall good experience and I will definitely be ordering again.
    Yes, I was satisfied
    Please get order right
    Online ordering menu not very clear as to size of pizza ordered. Thought we ordered large but was not the case. Delivery guy was great in helping me get additional pizza to feed entire group. Also very quick delivery of second order. Excellent customer service by the Toppers team.
    Delivery driver appeared half asleep, stoned, and smelled really bad. Spoke maybe 3 words to me. The 8 piece boneless "wings" were unacceptable. 5 were the size of chicken nuggets and 3 were tiny small burned pieces, no bigger than the size of a small tator-tot. The pizza was the only "acceptable" part of this ordering experience, although the onions were WAY to large, and most of them appeared to be the outer most, tough layer of the onion. I usually enjoy toppers and consider it first when I want to order a pizza. This experience was poor and will make me rethink my options next time. Finally, the new online ordering website was confusing, redundant, and I found it extremely difficult to navigate on my laptop.