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7850 Mineral Point Rd
Madison, WI 53717
Toppers Pizza in Madison, WI
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    Toppers Pizza aims to be the best pizza company in the world by killing it on every detail of the customer experience. Our claim to fame comes in the form of Topperstix™, arguably the planet’s most addictively delicious cheesy breadstix. Our House Pizzas start with our fresh, made-from-scratch dough, smothered in real Wisconsin cheese and finished with outrageous toppings such as French fried onions, oven-roasted tomatoes, mac ‘n cheese and tater tots. Not to mention, we are open later than late and our delivery drivers run to keep your food hot!

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    Expensive, cooking quality is inconsistent.
    Everything was perfect except for the online ordering. The website is very slow and it took multiple tries to place the order. When we got to the store, they had not received the order. Once they realized what had happened, they made our pizzas right away and were very nice about it. We love the food and the in-person service has always been excellent. The online system is the only thing that could definitely use a tune-up.
    I did this survey specifically so that I could comment on the service I received, this being my first time visiting any Toppers. Yes, the pizza was very good, hot and tasty. But I was very much pleased by the help I got placing my order from the then on duty asst mgr, who also helped me when I came to the store and was super friendly and took the time to be sure that I was well cared for. Hugely positive experience all around. Thank you.
    The delivery guy was right on time and very nice.
    My pizza was perfect! I love the online ordering because I can make sure my order us exactly right.
    I think his name was Travis who took my order as well as who was there when I picked it up. He confirmed my order verbally when I got there and made sure everything was correct. He was friendly and even though he was working by himself (besides the delivery drivers) and was quite busy with customers inside and also ones calling in, I never got a feeling that he was overwhelmed or unhappy and did not complain that he was the only one there! Pizza was good. Will definitely order again. I'm very familiar with Toppers as I ate at the one in Stevens Point about 15 years ago when I was in school and the pizza has improved since then! I do hope that this gets shared with Travis as he was courteous and friendly. This was my first time ordering from this Toppers and it won't be the last!
    Honestly, it would take much more than the $3.00 coupon I'll get from filling out this survey to get me to ever return to this Toppers. We were told our pizza would be ready at 5:07pm - we didn't get it until 40 minutes later. When we went in to pick it up, the guy who served us said he would start it right away and it would be ready in another 10 to 15 minutes. We left and came back 15 minutes later and he said, "I might have lied, I'll make it right now" - he STILL hadn't started our pizza 15 minutes after he told us he would. My mom went to pay for it (she didn't realize I had paid for it online) and he was going to just let her pay for it a second time instead of telling her it had already been paid for. Finally our pizza was brought out to us at 5:45pm. When we got it home, they weren't tall boys (even though I had paid $1/pizza to get them as tall boys) and we were missing one of the dipping sauces. As I started eating my slice, it was completely dough in the middle. I chose to go to Toppers because my parents were visiting from out of state and they don't have Toppers, so I thought it would be nice to try something they can't get at home. I wish I would have just gone to Papa Johns because at least then our pizza would have been all the way cooked and on time.
    Friendly and great recommendations from staff, accurate order and fast delivery. I could not be happier with the service this morning.
    The food was great. A little more smiles from staff can go a long way.