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910 W 10th St
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Toppers Pizza in Indianapolis, IN
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    Toppers Pizza aims to be the best pizza company in the world by killing it on every detail of the customer experience. Our claim to fame comes in the form of Topperstix™, arguably the planet’s most addictively delicious cheesy breadstix. Our House Pizzas start with our fresh, made-from-scratch dough, smothered in real Wisconsin cheese and finished with outrageous toppings such as French fried onions, oven-roasted tomatoes, mac ‘n cheese and tater tots. Not to mention, we are open later than late and our delivery drivers run to keep your food hot!

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    The gentleman who answered the phone was friendly and engaging. The two pizzas were ready within the very short time they promised. The staff was friendly when I arrived and throughout the transaction. The pizza was good and filling but lacked an appropriate amount of sauce. There did not seem to be any tomato sauce on the pizza.
    Ordering was simple and the pizza arrived on time. The pizza was very delicious as well as the pepperoni breadsticks. Overall very good experience will order again. Will recommend to friends and family looking for a filling pizza worth the price.
    Quite an unfortunate experience for a first time order. I was given a 40 minute estimate for delivery (a bit high), yet the delivery driver didn't call to say he was here until 65-75 minutes had gone by. I went downstairs to the front door, only to discover the driver was not actually there. I called him and it took him a long time to understand that he was at St. Clair and Capitol instead of 9th and Capitol. Then, he was rude about me telling him he was in the wrong place, like it was an inconvenience for him that I wasn't at the wrong address he had driven to. He told me he would be on his way. St. Clair and Capitol is only 2 blocks south of 9th and Capitol, and it only should have taken him 2 minutes max to come to the correct address. Instead, I found myself standing downstairs for 10-15 minutes before he finally arrived. When he got out of his car, the car started lurching forward because he had not been careful enough to put it into park. After narrowly missing the car in front of him, the driver brought the pizza up to the door with no apology or anything to say. I signed the receipt and he threw a free topperstix coupon at me and left. The pizza itself was great. I wish I could order it again. However, your delivery service was horrible enough that I will not be ordering from Toppers again in the future. There are plenty of other pizza delivery options in the area, and your driver's poor, rude, and unsafe performance will lead my business elsewhere.
    Ordered two 1-topping pizzas at 11:07 PM, told it was 40 minute wait. Called at 12:18 AM to ask where our order was, said they weren't sure, "Delivery employee left awhile ago." Called at 12:39 AM, told the phone number on our order was wrong. Would have expected this to be cleared up during our second call, or expected them to say the phone number back to me over the phone. We've ordered pizza with you before and the pizza delivered to us was wrong. Not going to order from you again. Tweeted and yelped the experience. Wanted to help out a business that wasn't Papa Johns or Dominos. Not worth it.
    Overall grest job. Music in store might have been a little lou