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Papa Murphy's WI098

215 North Black River Street
Sparta, WI 54656
Papa Murphy's in Sparta, WI
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    The concept of "take-n-bake" pizza was invented by Papa Murphy's in 1981. But today, we focus on what has made Papa Murphy's the fifth largest pizza company in the United States and Zagat's #1 Rated Pizza Chain: our commitment to FRESH

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    Papa pizza is very good and fresh it was the best pizza ever glad that they are coming to black river falls wi the store was so clean people are polite don't change a thing 5 stars ✨
    Great job!! So happy to have one in town -especially during Packer games!
    We love Papa Murphy's pizza. We'e always been a big bunch of PEPPERONI lovers. I don't know if it is MY TONGUE :( or the pepperoni, but anymore, I can't eat more than 1-2 pieces without my tongue burning enough I can't eat more. :( :( :( Is it possible to have a milder pepperoni available? Just curious. I plan to try the Hormel stuff I get from WalMart too for comparison. I may have to switch to canadian bacon and bacon instead..... sigh The kids at our Sparta store are pretty much always smiling and welcoming. Once the order is taken and paid for, though, they seem to distance themselves... FEELS like, "Our part is done; NEXT!" if you know what I mean. I'm guessing they know a lot of people in town and we are much newer to Sparta - still, the middle point could use a LITTLE more customer contact at times. Clearly, there are sometimes LINES that make longer contact difficult to impossible. There are usually plenty enough people working, though, so it shouldn't be too big a deal. Perhaps it is because once the pizza is ordered, there's nothing else to be done but to make it up. No one has to ask what ingredients you want or anything [like a Subway, for example]. Random thoughts for solutions: 1 - Have ONE of the workers direct the customer with something simple like a hand gesture toward the pickup end and say, "Thanks, Todd [or whomever] will have your order up in just a moment." 2 - Flip the order of things so that it is more LIKE Subway. Then paying would happen at the end of the process. I'm thinkin that would probably [maybe] slow things down more if the maker has to ask those questions.... not sure. I DON'T KNOW - it's a great store, great pizza, decent "deal" offers, quick, easy, fresh..... you name it. :D Thanks!
    4 weeks ago
    You have reached my expectations completly and I do not know how you could improve it is perfect
    My last visit was excellent and I can't, at this moment, think of anything that can be improved upon.
    6 weeks ago
    Just want to say that the Sparta location is superb! Love the service, love the owner and love the employees. They all look sooo nice! No shabby looking kids here!
    6 weeks ago
    Always Clean at This Store, Pleasant Staff and Fun To Visit..