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19410 60th Avenue West, Suite B
Lynnwood, WA 98036
(425) 670-2778

Papa Murphy's in Lynnwood, WA
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    The concept of "take-n-bake" pizza was invented by Papa Murphy's in 1981. But today, we focus on what has made Papa Murphy's the fifth largest pizza company in the United States and Zagat's #1 Rated Pizza Chain: our commitment to FRESH

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    Everythin was GREAT! We will order this pizza again for sure if it's available!
    Excellent service. Staff is always amazing and fast. I enjoyed their customer service and personal touch!
    It was perfect
    The young man held the door for me. Very polite staff.
    We come to get papa murphys almost every weekend. The crew is excellent! Very fast and freindly!
    I like the quality of the pizza and know that each of my orders will be of the same quality. My order was ready when I arrived. The staff is great. They represent papa Murphy’s very well. They have an excitement and positive attitude towards the customer and the products they make. They also make me, as a customer, feel valued and check to be sure all items are as I ordered. Great place, great staff.
    Nothing keep up the good pizzas
    The lighting in the store is very dim. This may be partly because of the spacing between light sources, but some of the fluorescent bulbs appeared to either be dim or of a lower quality than others. The only way I was able to see that the store was open from the exterior is because of the open sign in the window. Gabe was efficient at building the pizza. Even asked me if I'd purchased a Papa Murphy's pizza before. I told him that I had, but I'm curious now what he would have said since I've never had anyone else ask me this before. Skyler probably shouldn't ask "will that be all?" after I ordered a pizza. "What else can I get for you" would have been better as it doesn't feel as if he's shutting down the sale. He also mentioned that it would take 5-10 minutes to build the pizza even though I was the only person in the store and the only task being seen was the two other employees were cleaning the spilled pizza ingredients. Seemed a bit excessive to say 10 minutes. The young lady also working that night (unfortunately I didn't get her name) was very prompt in offering a greeting when I entered the store. I exited to put the 5-cheese bread and cookie dough in my car, reentered the store and was greeted again. I don't thing she knew I had been in a few seconds before, but still, it was nice to see that she was bang on.
    Always a great experience at Papa Murphy's
    I've worked in the service industry for nearly 20 years and I would like to say i have never had a bad experience in this or any other Papa Murphy's location. The food always comes out wonderfully and the staff is always very friendly regardless of how busy the shop is. I always recommend Papa Murphy's to friends and family and will continue to do so. Thank you for having such great qualities in your shops and staff. <3