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1034 South Burlington Blvd.
Burlington, WA 98233
(360) 707-2902

Papa Murphy's in Burlington, WA
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    The concept of "take-n-bake" pizza was invented by Papa Murphy's in 1981. But today, we focus on what has made Papa Murphy's the fifth largest pizza company in the United States and Zagat's #1 Rated Pizza Chain: our commitment to FRESH

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    Cordell was the one that helped us tonight! He was quick to greet us when we walked in the door, he told me about the specials, he helped me pick a pizza that would be perfect for the family! He was really busy with 2 online or call in orders and 4 walk-ins. He helped everyone right away. And even remembered everyone’s orders without even having to look at a piece of paper, the pizza, or anything else! He was so sweet, and had the most contagious smile! I come back time and time again because of him. He always makes our experience so great! Please make him assistant manager or manager if he isn’t already! He is truly one to keep around . He was working with another girl that might have been training or newer to the store as he was helping her to make sure everything got done. She didn’t talk much or start any conversations while I was there! I hope she expresses herself more and gets involved with the guests waiting. I did notice that one employee was sitting in an office in the back looking at a computer and had ear phones in. While Cordell and the other awesome person that helped us were working hard on the 6 or 7 large orders he was still continuing to sit in the back. They efficiently got all the food out to everyone and made everyone’s experience great but it was a bummer to see him not helping out. Thank you again for the great service and amazing food! Brittani Combs
    Kandis is the best! Her store in such a happy place, the vibes are wonderful! Dillon,Cordell,Leo rounded out my visit. THC Tuesday would help your sales soar.
    Kandis was great,her crew, Leo,Cordell,Dillon were great. They liked my idea of THC, 12.00,Tuesday. Told Kandis her sales would soar!
    The employee was very p
    6 days ago
    So I get to the store, not opened yet. Vaping while waiting. Store opens. A guy had a pre order. Phone is ringing off the hook with pre orders. Kandis not buckling under pressure. I gave the kid 2 coupons for 2 cookie doughs. He said he can only do one dough per transaction. I said hey can I talk to Kandis? She gave the other dough to me but told me they can only do a dough an order. I told her I will just pay for them separately. What bunk. Buy 12 pizzas with coupons, you should get 12 of whatever... Change that rule! But otherwise it was a good visit even if Kyle was not there. Course as Kandis' wingman, he probably clocks in later & closes. He is also on top of his game. Burlington store is the best. Still waiting for a ***** 🍕 with some Valley sativa. ( Kandis, your laugh here) loving this store!
    My husband and I love papa murphys pizzas above all, I love going into the one in Burlington best cause they are always very friendly, always clean .. The only thing I wish you guys would put more cheese on the pizzas without charging us.. I always have to add more cheese before I cook them other than that very happy with everything else.. Thank You Carol
    We love Papa Murphy's Pizza very much
    Awesome sausse
    Site was clean and employee/ manager was friendly as usual.