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1708 Dublin Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 598-8383

Papa Murphy's in Colorado Springs, CO
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    The concept of "take-n-bake" pizza was invented by Papa Murphy's in 1981. But today, we focus on what has made Papa Murphy's the fifth largest pizza company in the United States and Zagat's #1 Rated Pizza Chain: our commitment to FRESH

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    The second I walked in I was greeted I felt very welcomed the guy on the register helped me pick the perfect pizza for my family I have a couple of picky eaters but was still able to find a pizza the whole family would like I was very pleased with the decision to come here for dinner the store was very clean that's something I like to see in a food store but best of all the speed was amazing I sat down an just a few moments later my order was ready I was very shocked when I made a comment on the speed the guy replied I'm trying really hard to beat my manager he made a pizza in 32 seconds hearing that made me smile it's not an everyday thing to walk into a store and see a employee time himself and do his best to beat his managers time it seemed like they have alot of respect for there boss it was a very neat experience I will definitely come back to this location
    The crew members welcomed us with pride it was very neat to see a crew with smiles and happy we were walking in most fast food businesses you don't see that they were so helpful with helping me narrow down the choices on a couple of pizzas that my family would enjoy for dinner as soon as I payed they moved so fast to get my order ready the manager looked new but saw he was a good choice the second he gave direction the responses were yes sir with smiles and rushed to go do it the store was very clean the moment the manger had my second pizza on the wrap he politley asked the guy next to him to sweep the line then clean it I will defenilty be back soon to get a pizza from this store they provided great customer service
    Amazing service ! Love the pizza ! Will defiantly be back !
    Hi! Just wanted to say your store is awesome and I absolutely love the food!! I'm honestly surprised there are any bad reviews at all but the only thing I had a tiny problem with is sometimes your pizzas are a tiny bit greasy but other than that favorite pizza shop!!!
    Why can't all the stores be as friendly and quick as this store ? Seriously I hate driving half way across town just so I can feel welcome ! Idk if these are corrperate or franchise but get your ***** together . Keep up that awesome speed and sweet smile guys always make me feel welcomed !!!
    This is my papas choice ! This store never lets me down ! I tried out the new store ! Manager that was on shift was so rude and claimed to not know how to make a pizza . So when I called the Dublin and academy store they new Exactly who I was and how to make a paparoni . I'm sorry but I'm food you should never tell a customer you don't know how to make somthing . Thank you Monique and Allen for making not only myself happy but my kids enjoyed there favorite pizza we get every time ! Keep up the hard work I will definitely be in soon for another paparoni
    Amamzing crew all new faces but a few . Made my pizza under 5 mins and we where on the way to eat at home . Manager was awesome ! Way better then it was a few months ago ! Seems to me like corrperate may be MIA or on vacation . I feel as if they need to pay more attention to there other stores ! Not to be sour but every other stores including Denver just plain out SUCKS . Dublin and academy keep up the good work . I'll always keep coming back .
    Upon my first visit at the store a few months ago I would never want to come back ! Looked like corrperate or any distract manager was just MIA . Recently I was in the area at sprouts I decided to get a cheese fav to put my own fresh veggies on . The girl in the front in bealive was sam was so Good at convincing me to get there fresh veggies . I did ! Best pizza this far . There was a guy there who literally lit up the place when I walked in and a very warm welcome from the girl making the pizzas didn't catch her name but she had long brown hair . Upon this visit I noticed the store looked so clean and the manager who also looked new treated his employees with respect which isn't a norm . keep up the hard work guys I will defiantly be coming back for now on .
    Always a great experience. Pizza was made right, ready to go when I got there.
    The crew was amazing the speed of service was excellent there store was real clean all of the crew members welcomed us it was a great experience there and dinner was absolutely yummy