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166 2nd Ave N Ste A
Nashville, TN 37201
(615) 742-4970

The Melting Pot in Nashville, TN
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    The Melting Pot Restaurant provides a truly social, yet customizable, activity that conveniently revolves around our delicious food. We offer delectable fondue made from award winning cheeses, a selection of fondue cooking styles to enjoy with a variety of entrée options and chocolate fondue desserts that make this dining experience one to be remembered. We are indeed the premier fondue restaurant. Choose one, two, three or more courses to create the perfect night out.

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    Austin was our waiter and he was fantastic! Our glasses never reached half empty before he was there to refill. He explained everything excellently and was the perfect server even with a few hiccups (no fault of his). He made our experience!
    Only a suggestion: For the French Quarter entree, instead of seasoning the meats so heavily, season them normal, but provide a side portion of the seasoning to add to the meat after cooking. The seasoning tends to get "washed off" when cooked. My only complaint about the evening was that the way the tables and lighting are arranged, I had a spotlight in my face all evening and no one on the staff could figure out how to dim or turn the light. Also, when reserving a table for 4 people, it would be nice to be able to select the number of cook tops for the table. We were treating two people who were visiting for the first time and we would have liked to try 2 different cheeses, cooking styles and chocolates. We were seated at a table with a single cook top and when I mentioned that we would have preferred a 2 cook top table we weren't offered the opportunity to change tables (even with a small wait time).
    Patrick was excellent. Will be back to see him. He redeemed this location 100 percent as our last visit was awful. He made our day
    It was really great! I enjoyed the meal tremendously. The waiter could have come round a little more to check up on us and clear plates when we had finished but that's about it!
    We were a party of four seated at a one burner table. We were haphazardly served and noone followed up on our requests to adjust the service. Never had an experience like this one in any Melting Pot I have visited. Will be some time before I try Nashville again. Very dissapointing.
    The only thing I will say that was an issue was the WI-FI speed at which my phone worked during my visit.
    Service experience was way way below what we know is typical for the standard of service you usually offer
    The initial service was less than desirable. We waited about 10-15 mins to be seated-past our reservation time. Once we were seated the experience was wonderful-however, I think that our server was running ragged to serve all his tables which resulted in a longer wait time between meals-very long. I had purchased the "Romance Package" for my wife's birthday. The table was gorgeous-set up beautifully. Our picture was taken once we were seated. However, once we had left the restaurant and were waiting for Valet-I remembered that we never received the picture and frame that was included. My wife went back down to retrieve it. She asked the lady at the counter about it and was immediately asked if I had paid for it. Since this was a surprise for my wife's birthday, she told her she thought so and explained the whole thing-even showing her the rose that came with it. She then asked what package I had gotten (again, she didn't know, it had been a surprise). Then my wife was asked where we had been seated, she did not have a clue exactly, just that it had been towards the back. She did remember my server's name though. Then, another girl came up and asked what was going on-which led to her asking my wife the same questions again-did you pay for it and where were you seated. This then led to about 3 of the girls running around trying to figure out which of the 3 cameras had our picture. One worked, one was dead, and one was supposed to be in the office-but the other girl was sure they had used it earlier (sure enough, the 3rd camera had our picture). This led to more waiting for the picture to print (they were having technical difficulties). All while the 2nd girl commented about how great she set up our table earlier. We finally received our PAID FOR picture and left.
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