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The Melting Pot Portland

1025 SW 6th Avenue
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 517-8960

The Melting Pot in Portland, OR
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    The Melting Pot Restaurant provides a truly social, yet customizable, activity that conveniently revolves around our delicious food. We offer delectable fondue made from award winning cheeses, a selection of fondue cooking styles to enjoy with a variety of entrée options and chocolate fondue desserts that make this dining experience one to be remembered. We are indeed the premier fondue restaurant. Choose one, two, three or more courses to create the perfect night out.

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    Well actually if the waiter was able to go faster instead of having us wait for the amount of time we had to wait that would have been great like we spent to much time waiting for the food to come so i think that is what you need to improve to make it a better experience
    Servers should be a little more educated and explain things a bit more clearly. The server seemed to be a bit shakey and she didn't remember a lot. She kept forgetting things and coming back to tell us after we already did what she was just about to tell us not to do because it was our first time. Overall, Stephanie was super happy and a great server. Just little details can be covered and made better.
    Ben was awesome! Knowledgeable, polite, and outstanding service. Better than ringside or ruths chris by far.
    Check out the previous answer. The staff did great. Made us feel welcome and not rushed. I reserved on line and appreciated the phone call to confirm today. Also appreciated the mention of something extra for my wife's birthday. Nice touch. Nathan did a great job of explaining the menu. He was not pushy or annoyed with our questions. Nathan was great with the timing of service and that makes all the difference.
    I had explained that it was my birthday and our table was in a terrible spot. Right next to the kitchen and all the hustle and bustle of the servers coming and going was an unpleasant environment in contrast to what you see when you walk in the door - felt more like a Denny's than a $175 dinner.
    Our hostess was super funny and she felt like a friend.
    Friendly service all around and started each course once we were ready.
    Our experience was outstanding from the time we walked in the door until the time we paid our check and walked back to our hotel room. Our server Jaime in particular was outstanding and went above and beyond to meet our needs and expectations. We will definitely be back for another adult night out in the semi-near future.
    Staff members were very helpful during our dining experience and knowledgeable in helping us decide on our order, especially since this was our first time. My wife and I were celebrating an anniversary and I got the "Touch of Romance" for our table and my wife was very surprised and happy. Staff members were very courteous in taking our picture from our phone, after first attempting to take a picture from the restaurant camera. Memory card in the camera was full at the time so staff member came back at another time, to take our picture, which we now have framed at home, which was also given to us.
    It took a little while after we were seated to get service, but then again it was Mother's Day so people were busy. Overall, it was great.