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2377 Broadhollow Rd
Farmingdale, NY 11735
(631) 752-4242

The Melting Pot in Farmingdale, NY
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    The Melting Pot Restaurant provides a truly social, yet customizable, activity that conveniently revolves around our delicious food. We offer delectable fondue made from award winning cheeses, a selection of fondue cooking styles to enjoy with a variety of entrée options and chocolate fondue desserts that make this dining experience one to be remembered. We are indeed the premier fondue restaurant. Choose one, two, three or more courses to create the perfect night out.

    OpenTell™ Reviews

    Joey as amazing, great service and knowledge of the food and bar menus! He gave great reccomendations on drinks! Joey was very attentive throughout the entirety of our visit. We will definitely be back and asking for Joey again when we return!
    Joe H. is our favorite waiter and we always enjoy having him serve us! Great guy!
    Dan explained everything perfectly. He clarified everything that was confusing on the menu. Thanks, Dan!
    This was mine and my husbands first visit to The Melting Pot and we enjoyed it quite a bit. We were not very hungry, just looking for something between shopping trips, so we ordered two individual servings of a regular fondue (Quattro Formaggi I believe.) The fondue and dipping items were great as were the MP Mule cocktails. We both feel though, that it was our server Brittany who made the visit fantastic. She was super friendly and welcoming right off the bat and not the sort of syrupy sweet, "the management makes us be nice" friendly that just ends up being off-putting. Since it was our first time she explained the menu to us (more than once) and then came back after giving us time to make our decision. She chatted with us quite comfortably while she prepared our chosen fondue and checked back along the way to make sure we were happy with it and had enough dipping items. During our conversations Brittany commented sincerely that she enjoyed her job and spoke very highly of her fellow employees, including the "hard working, amazing" kitchen staff. We have both experienced wait staff in other establishments that were visibly unhappy with their jobs and openly complained about their work conditions and coworkers; what a refreshing change! All in all, we will absolutely be back to try a four course dinner.
    Improvement needed just at the drink level. Otherwise service was perfect.
    Waiter seemed to not be enjoying himself this evening. He rushed thru the explanation of how everything works, which if i hadnt been there before would have been an issue. My in laws had never been to a Melting Pot and were very confused by the process. I made reservation on opentable which in the notes clarified that I had free strawberries to redeem. When i arrived and showed the voucher to the hostesses they said they did not have them for me. Is there a time frame that you need to be made aware of my request for chocolate strawberries before i arrive? The voucher simply states to included it in the reservation. Disappointed by this fact as now it guarentees that i come visit again with the validity period.or i forfeit my gift.
    John was a terrible server. He was "disappointed" and gave us my table an eye roll after we said we would not like any wine or the four course menu option. Was he upset that his tip was going to be less because we were ordering just cheese and chocolate? We told John that 2 out of the 3 of us have a gluten allergy and asked if he could bring out 2 portions of gluten free chocolate dippers and one portion of non gluten free dippers. In this past, this has NEVER been a problem (We visit Melting Pot about 6x a year). I even offered to pay extra for the regular portion of dippers- I thought dippers were unlimited anyway? He was then so un-pleased with our requests, he did not ask if we needed refills for our beverages and he brought the check out right as we started eating chocolate. What if I wanted to add something else to my bill? The server automatically assumed I was finished for the evening. That is poor customer service. I have worked for Stop and Shop, Disney World, Long Island Aquarium and Splish Splash and have been taught the correct way to be courtesy to your guests who are dining/enjoying their time at your establishment. This is the second time in less than a year that we have had bad service at The Melting Pot in Farmingdale- The last time was back in October of 2016, but maybe it is time to have a customer service training seminar for your staff. I will be requesting to not have John be my server next time I visit, and just for the record, we did tip John VERY poorly, so maybe he will learn his lesson that way...
    There's an upper limit on how good fondue can be as a cuisine. Lots of factors go into the experience, and so the fact that more elaborate "better" cooking is available at other restaurants that serve a different type of cuisine doesn't really count against you. The pacing and ambience make up for the relatively simple fare (as compared to, say, a french or italian restaurant) and offer a different experience. We had a great fondue meal and enjoyed it very much.
    Stef was an amazing server. She took care of our very specific dietary needs and we are very grateful for that. She's a very sweet girl and very good at her job. Thank you stef!
    So we ordered the 4 course meal even though I wanted only cheese/entree/chocolate because our server advised us that is the best way to go. I had 5 teen girls with me. I repeatedly asked him to explain how many eat from for example 1 order of cheese fondue etc. I told him I didn't want to pay $40/pp because I know these girls wouldn't eat a lot. He still advised me the 4 course was the best way to go. So fine we ordered that. BUT for 5 young girls and my husband and I we should have ordered only 4 of the 4-course meals not 7!!! We had a ton of leftover cheese and 3/4 of the uncooked meat was not eaten - seriously I was beside myself. I made the girls cook all the meat to take it home. I really tried to get our server - who again was very nice - to advise me based on the fact I had teen girls with me. We should have shared 4 meals and I don't see why he didn't understand that was what I was trying to find out - how many could really eat from the one meal. I was so upset at the wasted amount of food that I didn't even sleep last night - really! Including tip our bill was $400! It should have been $200. Never again.