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888 W Big Beaver Rd
Troy, MI 48084
(248) 362-2221

The Melting Pot in Troy, MI
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    The Melting Pot Restaurant provides a truly social, yet customizable, activity that conveniently revolves around our delicious food. We offer delectable fondue made from award winning cheeses, a selection of fondue cooking styles to enjoy with a variety of entrée options and chocolate fondue desserts that make this dining experience one to be remembered. We are indeed the premier fondue restaurant. Choose one, two, three or more courses to create the perfect night out.

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    Less time between serving drinks, we were nearly done with our meals before our second beverages showed up. The strawberries we were gifted weren't prepared and took roughly 10 minutes (after the server forgot and was reminded) to get AFTER we paid the bill. The food tasted good otherwise.
    Our server Holly was terrible. She was extremely poor, we waited for waters for over 20 minutes, and ran out and didn't get a refill until 1/2 way through our main course. It took forever between courses. It took close to 40 minutes after our server cleared our main course for our chocolate to arrive. We timed it! The time between clearing one course and the other was at least 20 minutes. Our courses sat completed on our table forever. Very dissapointed for the "Big night out" we had planned. this was our anniversary and only the hostess recognized that. The server and staff were extremely bad. After paying our check and saying, does it usually take this long for our dinner? Server said usually no, but offered no apologies or compensation for our experience. We paid, stopped by the hostess stand. Asked to speak with a manager. While the valet was getting our car, no manager appears after 15 minutes and we just left. We are very dissapointed with the entire experience and will never frequent the restaurant again. We will also be reviewing and telling our friends about this. Very sad for a meal that costs $150.00 Bryan & Lisa McGill *****
    Highly recommend Monica as a server. She is extremely knowledgeable, very friendly, and my party had a wonderful time interacting with her. Thank you!
    LAst year for a Birthday dinner for my girl the manager was Extremely friendly, provided her with a "framed Picture" for the occasion, provided 6 free choclate covered strawberries and a flute of wine each ; WE were extremely impressed with his dedication and desire to have a good experience He is now gone and the new manager visited the table once in the early stages and never offered to take a pic or do anything extra. In fact I found him on the downside of friendly and very poorly trained as a host We will go elsewhere for next year as we were VERY VERY disappointed. Having said that our SERVER did an excellent job but had no chocolate strawberries for my girl as they had none Sincerely Dale Mason *****
    Our waiter was awesome...i forget his name but he had a 1 month old son...hope that can help! He was quick and worked quickly to replace the small mistakes that were made with our food!
    If there was less wait time in between the courses. We had finished our food and 15 to 20 minutes passed before we were able to get the next course. Maybe a bell or a button can be pressed to alert staff that we are ready for next course. Waiter Eric did inform us that he had 7 other tables to wait on.
    There wasn't a host at the door when we arrived. Then when we were to be seated none of the tables were bussed or cleaned off. Had to sit in the bar area. It was at least clean. Wait staff hollered back and forth at each other. Music piped in was less than classy. I expected for the price a higher level of professionalism. Totally unromantic. Everyone needs to be retrained.
    Our waiter was bad. We didn't see him after the salad, wine pairings were delivered when food was almost gone, two different waitress dropped off our chocolate and the asked how we were and after waiting too long my daughter had to go find someone to get our waiter to get our check. Terrible, terrible service! My daughter and i love going here but may reconsider
    I would have gladly told any of this to a manager or owner, had we been approached by one. We dined on a Saturday evening so I understand that the restaurant was busy, but lots of small missteps add up to a generally unpleasant experience. * Had a reservation, still had to wait 10 minutes in an uncomfortably cold vestibule, so full that there was no room to sit. *Seated in a weird back corner which wasn't a big deal, but I think was a big contributor to why we didn't get the attention that would have made for a better experience; when our server wasn't present there were no food runners/bussers we could flag *When the heat was up all the way, our burner made a really annoying sound. I don't think it's normal, but maybe I just noticed it because we were surrounded by walls to amplify. It was loud enough that I could hear it over the annoying pop music though (did you always play top 40 music and I never noticed?) *Cheese course was delivered and we were told they were "out" of veggie dippers. Literally all you have to do is cut vegetables. Apparently that process takes longer than one would imagine, because we never got the vegetables to go with out course. *Wine flight pairing for the cheese course also didn't arrive until after the cheese course had been cleared. *Salad course was fine but had double wines because of the cheese delay. *As soon as the entree was delivered we asked for extra Green Goddess and curry sauces. Those extra sauces didn't arrive, our waitress didn't make it back to check on us until the food was almost gone. By the time we did get sauces all that we had left was veggies. *Chocolate course was dropped when I was in the bathroom so I can't speak to the how & why of it, but I did return to a put of chocolate and a spoon that was coated in peanut butter in the middle of the table. No one came back to stir it so eventually we did it ourselves, making a mess with the peanut-butter coated spoon handle. No wine. *When our server finally came back to check on us, I had to point out that we still didn't have wine. She asked if we still wanted it, or if she should take it off the bill. The best solution would have been to comp the two wines that didn't arrive with their pairings. Instead we paid $32 to get two wine flights, 50% of which were incorrectly timed. If you want to give the impression of an upscale establishment, rather than a rip-off chain stuck in an under-construction office building, you need to do a MUCH better job with your timing and service. I get mocked by people for actually liking the Melting Pot, and then I show up and have this sort of experience and I just feel embarrassed to have spoken highly of it. I guess this is why people consider your restaurant to be a waste of money.
    The food was fine but the service was less than stellar. The server prepared the cheese for us but did not explain anything after that. When he did bring the main course he threw everything on the table and did not explain anything (we had to guess what the meats were). We had to scoop out our veggies from the broth with a fork and our fingers because we never got a slotted spoon. We never got drink refills, and we asked another server for them. The server came over and said the drink was coming but it never came and finally a manager brought it over at the end of the meal. When we asked the server for more of one of the sauces (when he came over about the drink) he said he would go get it - and never did. When we ordered our dessert the waiter came with tray, moved the broth bowl on the table (never taking the steaming bowl away) and put the chocolate on the burner, said, "Here's the toffee to put in" and walked away. We asked another waitress to have someone come get the steaming pot of broth but again no one came, we even asked for a manager and still no one came. The waiter kept disappearing for long periods of time throughout the night. After dessert, we waiting at least 30+ minutes for our bill. In total we were there for over 3 hours (much of which was waiting on the waiter)!!