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The Melting Pot Columbia, MD

10451 Twin Rivers Rd Ste 124
Columbia, MD 21044
(410) 740-9988

The Melting Pot in Columbia, MD
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    The Melting Pot Restaurant provides a truly social, yet customizable, activity that conveniently revolves around our delicious food. We offer delectable fondue made from award winning cheeses, a selection of fondue cooking styles to enjoy with a variety of entrée options and chocolate fondue desserts that make this dining experience one to be remembered. We are indeed the premier fondue restaurant. Choose one, two, three or more courses to create the perfect night out.

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    Our server had three tables and we were the first seated but the one she paid the least amount of attention to. We told her we had been to The Melting Pot before, so that seemed to be the reason we did not get the attention that the other tables received. Our glasses were left empty for 15 minutes and my husband could not eat because raw meat had touched his plate for almost 20 minutes. The table on one side of us had GF children and the manager kept coming back to check on them and ask how their service was while she stopped at ours once, even though she had to walk right by us to get to them. We made our reservation for 5:15 because we thought we would have better service than later in the night. It was the worst service we have had since we've been coming.
    It was mostly our fault for being indecisive but there were a few stall points during the meal where the pacing got off. Also once communication failed between the wait/bus staff and the pot was left on the burner. on the
    We had poor service BUT the owner was AMAZING. She checked on us multiple time and made sure everything was amazing. We will be returning because of her friendliness, kindness, and making her guest feel welcomed! Thank you so much for helping us!!
    This experience was very nice. One thing I would change are the food prices. For a pot of cheese for a hungry family of four, we had to pay $40. We still wanted more, but thought that it was very expensive. Even though the food was phenomenal, I think it was a little bit overpriced. Maybe add a discount for the more portions you add to a pot of cheese.
    My best friend and I called ahead to make a reservation and we were sat very close to when t was scheduled. The waitress was friendly and offered her opinion when we were stuck on a choice. The atmosphere was great and the food was amazing. We were both pleased and very full at the end of the meal. It was a great night.
    It was an excellent experience (as always). The Melting Pot is my favorite spot and I always feel like there is something new to try. We love mixing it up and The Melting Pot is always the place to do that. Kylie, our waitress, was fabulous. She mentioned halfway through that she was still relatively new, which we would have never guessed since she was wonderful. She was cheerful, vibrant, and full of knowledge. One complaint we had was nothing with the food or the staff, but the shop. I'm obsessed with the House dressing and we were told that the dressing shelf life has changed and we will no longer be able to purchase the bottles of dressing. That makes me incredibly sad, but the owner John gave me a small batch to take home, which made me very happy. The customer service at the Columbia location has always been top notch and John and Kylie just made it a magical experience!
    The owner and staff were very friendly. They accommodate every want we had during our dining experience by providing extra sauces and veggies.
    My family and I enjoyed our first done with the Melting Pot. Our waitress Amell was lovely and she explained the process in which we were to order our food. She made the dining experience simple and easy.
    I absolutely LOVE this place! The ambiance, the food, the fondue experience is always on point and to my satisfaction. The Love Martini is my go to drink.
    Our server Donte was fantastic in every aspect of the evening. He even helped sing happy birthday to my wife with a voice and that clearly should be on the radio.