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2230 Town Center Ave Ste 101
Melbourne, FL 32940
(321) 433-1607

The Melting Pot in Melbourne, FL
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    The Melting Pot Restaurant provides a truly social, yet customizable, activity that conveniently revolves around our delicious food. We offer delectable fondue made from award winning cheeses, a selection of fondue cooking styles to enjoy with a variety of entrée options and chocolate fondue desserts that make this dining experience one to be remembered. We are indeed the premier fondue restaurant. Choose one, two, three or more courses to create the perfect night out.

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    We had 7:30 reservations for a special occasion. When we sat down initially we ordered cheese to start along with our cocktails. Our server rarely came to our table and forgot what we ordered once we finally complained and he came over to check on us. After complaining multiple times our cheese finally came out an hour later! After our cheese pot started to burn (yes burn because again nobody came to check on our table) we turned the burners off ourselves! The manager finally came to our table to apologize stating they “sent home our waiter” which was a lie as we saw him continuously waiting on other tables. Now we have about six different staff members waiting on us. By this time we are ready to leave as the restaurant was closing soon. We requested to no longer receive the dessert. After being told by two staff members near by they said they would pack it to go or make sure it was taken off our bill. Next thing we know they brought it to our table. The gentleman stated he was sorry and they would remove it from the bill. The entire party loves this restaurant and has never had any issues in the past. The food was wonderful (once it came to the table) but the staff had no idea what was going on due to lack of communication with one another. Nothing was discounted or removed from the bill. We left as the restaurant was closing down.
    Katrina did a great job - even though she was dealing with several new employees and having too many tables at once. This really needs to be worked on management...this is the second time we’ve been since late April and had a server who has had too many tables to serve at once. It’s all about the experience.
    We were just not happy with the timing with the food and the drinks. Otherwise most of the stuff was fine. The only other thing was when we were in the booth there was a couple behind us and every time they moved it kept on pushing on our booth back. They either need to make their seat backs tighter or change the seating.
    We were at the Melting Pot for 3 full hours. Our waiter rarely stopped by to see how we were doing. No one else stopped by either. My daughter waited 20 minutes for a water refill after asking for one. It was a birthday dinner we will try to forget.
    I do not remember the names of our servers, but they were pleasant and efficient. You train your servers very well. It was Mother's Day and very busy, but they all worked very hard and made our experience very pleasant. Kudos to the staff!
    The reservation was made with a special note that we needed regular chairs, as one of our party was too large to fit in booths. The note was missed, and we ended up having to make the owners change room, to make a spot for us, which they did without an unpleasant word. The room we were placed in was evidently not on the normal course for our server. The order was taken, the cheese course, and the salad course were brought out in a timely manner. between the salad and the main course there was a long wait where the entire table emptied their sodas, and a busboy came in, he cleared the table and came back and refilled us. During the entree course we had no one come in the room. After the entree course was finished, there was another long wait. Eventually a lady came to us, turned off the burners, and then asked if he had placed our dessert order yet, to which we replied no. Eventually, the server came back in and took our dessert order. While waiting for the dessert another large party was brought in, they had a different server, were able to order a dessert course for their table, receive their dessert course, open presents, and nearly finished before our dessert course was brought. The server then turned on the hot plates, the chocolate did not get hot enough to melt the peanut butter fully before we finished. We then had another long wait for our server to bring the check. The entire experience ended up taking nearly three and a half hours to complete, from 5:44pm - 9:08pm, with at least two times of the entire party having time to grumble. I will restate the food was delicious, and despite complaints of time and inattentiveness everyone still had a good time, it just wasn't a Perfect Night Out.
    My daughter had her birthday party there and there were 11 girls squished into a 10 seat booth. We were told there wouldn't be any issues if all 12 girls came so I'm glad they only had 11. Just very disappointing being told one thing and having it change at the last minute...upon arrival. There was a table that could accommodate them but it was being save for an adult party of 10. Not sure why it matters what age the parties were.
    We had a very good experience, no issues.
    have more tables for parties of 6 instead booths
    One burner was not working property .waites till chox was serves to say couldn't do anything till we left tjey cant change the burner with us sitting there.