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814 15th St
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 443-2347

The Melting Pot in Sacramento, CA
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    The Melting Pot Restaurant provides a truly social, yet customizable, activity that conveniently revolves around our delicious food. We offer delectable fondue made from award winning cheeses, a selection of fondue cooking styles to enjoy with a variety of entrée options and chocolate fondue desserts that make this dining experience one to be remembered. We are indeed the premier fondue restaurant. Choose one, two, three or more courses to create the perfect night out.

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    As I stated earlier the server did not do a very good job at mixing the cheese. Our table was also very filthy for the entire meal. Normally the wait staff would wipe off the table between each course but that did not happen at all. I also was not printed out a receipt once I signed for it on the tablet.
    I especially appreciated our two favorite servers, Josh and Nick, stopping by to say hi. We have. Even coming here a long time and the service is unbeatable. We always feel so welcome. Nick especially pays attention to detail and takes the time to connect with us each time.
    The staff was extremely friendly and attentive to us the entire night. They helped make the experience great for us! Loved our server Nicole!
    We had a reservation for 630 but were not seated until 7pm. It was just two of us, yet we were seated in a large dining room with a very large table meant for 8. The chairs at this table were VERY uncomfortable and we asked to be moved. Fortunately the staff was very accommodating and moved us right away to a booth for a more intimate valentine's day experience. I don't know what they were thinking seating a couple at an 8 person table on valentine's day. Sounds like there was poor planning in house.
    Nicole was very friendly and professional
    We checked in for a bar table and was told 30 mins. Great put our name down. Then another family of 3 shows up 15 mins later and gets seated before us and had same situation as us. So I went to the front and explained we were here first how did we get bumped down and no explanation other than "I just got on shift". First time I've ever had poor service at this location.
    Well this bothered me so here it goes. We are fair from amateur's when it comes to dining at the melting pot and we try to go as often as we can. I was most disappointed that our server was not present enough. I had to ask for water multiple times and only received one refill, when the dishes stated to pile up I myself stacked them and placed them at the edge of the table and it still took awhile for them to be cleared. I made my reservation and ordered 6 berries which we did not receive and by that point I was just ready to go home. I do understand the restaurant business as I myself have worked either in them or around most my life and understand they can get busy but I have to say out of all the times we have eaten there this was the first we felt forgotten about. Sorry just had to vent.
    The host greeted us promptly and wished us a Happy Anniversary. We were about 10 mins early for our reservation and were seated right away. Our server was fun and explained everything very well since it was our first visit to The Melting Pot.
    Everything was very good,it was throughly enjoyed my only complaint is that the menu is very pricey but overall the food was excellent.
    We went to celebrate my 44th birthday and took the whole family and my twin boys age 6 loved it and ate everything and enjoyed that they got to cook their own food. They ask everyday to go back!