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The Melting Pot Larkspur

125 E Sir Francis Drake Blvd
Larkspur, CA 94939
(415) 461-6358

The Melting Pot in Larkspur, CA
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    The Melting Pot Restaurant provides a truly social, yet customizable, activity that conveniently revolves around our delicious food. We offer delectable fondue made from award winning cheeses, a selection of fondue cooking styles to enjoy with a variety of entrée options and chocolate fondue desserts that make this dining experience one to be remembered. We are indeed the premier fondue restaurant. Choose one, two, three or more courses to create the perfect night out.

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    Great fun place.........A great spot for a first date!!
    Our server was very nice and never rushed us to order or leave the table when we were finished eating. She explained all the options very well. I had mentioned receiving for my birthday a coupon for chocolate covered strawberries from The Melting Pot but didn't think I would be able to make to dinner there so deleted my coupon. The manager was nice enough to surprise me at our table with a box of chocolate covered strawberries. What a wonderful surprise and very much appreciated! Special touches like that keep the customer coming back.
    Service was spectacular!
    $250 for 4 people just seems really expensive. The cocktails at over $10 each is too high. Quality of good and service is very high quality, but the price per person to taste all courses is just too high.
    The staff is always so beyond helpful, kind and fun! We bring friends here all the time that have never done anything like this experience and every time the staff make it amazing!
    The wait staff could not have been better informed, kind and friendly, accommodating. They were wonderful. the pacing of the meal was way too slow. the courses were set about 15 minutes apart. We would have preferred 5 minutes or less. Drinks should come within moments of the order being taken. We waited a long time for the drink order and a long time for the drinks to arrive. Understaffed? Bar tender not on duty that night? Did our waiter have to serve us AND prepare drinks? Too much to ask. Our waiter(s) both were wonderful in every way. The dinner was served too slowly.
    The only thing I don't like is how large the menus are. A more compact format would give better space in the couples booth.
    Juan was very friendly but maybe he was a little tired because I noticed that he incorrectly named some of the foods he was serving. I'm glad we had a cozy booth to ourselves, and the atmosphere was phenomenal. The menu layout was a little unclear as to what came in single or double servings, though. The wait time between courses was a bit long which is fine, but I would have liked someone to check on us a little more often.
    I did not feel that service was great. We have had excellent service in the past. The server was friendly. However there were many times that we needed things and she was no where to be seen for quite a while. Our drinks took a long time to get to us so they were comped. Our salads also took a long time. This was not the fault of the server. We were there for a birthday celebration and so these things were definitely noticed. This has not been our experience in the past.
    Waiter was great. After hearing it was our first time he was careful to ensure we understood all of our options. Answered all questions well and he made some suggestions (including the pros and cons of each suggestion). Altogether, he made the night out both fun and memorable.