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2920 Calgary Trail NW Ste 117
Edmonton, AB T6J 2G8

The Melting Pot in Edmonton, AB
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    The Melting Pot Restaurant provides a truly social, yet customizable, activity that conveniently revolves around our delicious food. We offer delectable fondue made from award winning cheeses, a selection of fondue cooking styles to enjoy with a variety of entrée options and chocolate fondue desserts that make this dining experience one to be remembered. We are indeed the premier fondue restaurant. Choose one, two, three or more courses to create the perfect night out.

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    First of all - I don't mind tipping and I don't even mind the 18% but I feel that because it was an "automatic" on our bill we were neglected the whole evening and our waitress probably worked harder to "earn" her tip at other tables knowing ours was a given! Our reservation was for 6:30. We were seated late even though our entire party was present and waiting, after our orders were taken and our cheese fondue was finished we waited approx. 30-40 mins for our salads, another 30-40 mins for our main, and then probably another 30+ for our chocolate and then our wait was getting sooooo long for our bill that we actually had to finally ask one of the other servers where our waitress was and that we wanted the bill. You will see that our bill was printed at 9:20 some 3 hrs after our reservation time. We still had to spend more time to pay the bill etc before we left. My elderly parents who are in their 80's were getting very tired and faced with an hour commute back to Fort Saskatchewan where they live. Also our chocolate fondues tasted identical even though they were supposed to be different. I don't think she put the caramel in the turtle one?? We had VERY poor service and I'm upset that we had to pay ridiculously high prices for the portion sizes we got and then on top of that had to pay 18% for terrible service! Literally - if it were up to me - I don't think she deserved a tip at all! And we ALWAYS tip! It was that bad!! And then to not even give your token mints at the end and to have your hostess look at us like we were criminals or scum or something just for asking for the mints...?? Are you that hard up that you can't even give out the mints anymore when your customers are paying primo prices? Sorry but for all 8 of us in our group - we're done with Melting Pot. It was just really that bad of an experience!!
    The cushions in our booth were a little torn/worn out and I noticed some of the ones around us were the same. It didn't matter comfort wise, but look wise it didn't look as nice as it could have with nicer leather that wouldn't get worn down so easily. The staff was nice and food was yummy.
    Our server was exceptional!! She was very friendly, explained the menu and gave us suggestions!!
    There is no place to put our coats. When the server came he took our coats to the front. We couldn't see any signs for the washroom, so we went hunting.
    I understand it is the fault of the parents when they bring a baby into a fine dining restaurant, but I honestly found it rude that there was an infant crying and screaming for the duration of my entire visit - and the waitress didn't even comment on it, let alone apologize or give any compensation for the ongoing ear-piercing noises coming from the table beside me - not very classy. It was also my girlfriends birthday, why not give us even a free drink? Our waitress disappeared for 30 minutes after our main course - I had to call someone else over for refills, and our empty plates and boiling broth was left on the burner for half an hour. The food tasted great, but as for the experience....definitelynot worth $200.
    Everything was good and it was a fun experience. We would recommend it to others and hope to come back again soon. It would be nice to have a few of our menu items discussed on the previous screen added to the menu to try again! We really appreciated the services and suggestions made by our server Susan. She was very entertaining! The Black Friday deal was helpful in making the night out for the 5 of us affordable. -- this is based on my sister's receipt as I had misplaced mine. If you have any questions I can be contacted at *****. Thanks.
    Juanita was awesome!! Was there exactly when we needed her. Pace of serving was excellent.
    Everything was great. The sausage was bland and the corn was a weird addition but aside from that everything was lovely!
    Aaron was our server he was awesome. My husband and I were celebrating his 40 birthday. Aaron recommended awesome options and had extensive knowledge of the menu. I was driving so I was recommended a non alcoholic beverage. Aaron did not over serve us his attentiveness was perfect. Kudos to him