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4201 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303
Jiffy Lube in Palo Alto, CA
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    Jiffy Lube® pioneered the fast oil change industry more than 30 years ago and today, more than 22 million customers each year rely on the brand to keep their vehicles running right. Jiffy Lube® helped define vehicle preventive maintenance by upholding the values that the company was founded upon: convenience, speed and quality service. But Jiffy Lube® understands that vehicle maintenance can be stressful. Today, Jiffy Lube® continues on the journey to help every driver be free from the anxiety of keeping their vehicle in top shape. Jiffy Lube® helps keep your vehicle running right for the long haul, so you can Leave Worry Behind. Jiffy Lube International, Inc. (JLI), with more than 2,000 franchised service centers in North America, and Jiffy Lube® franchisees serve approximately 22 million customers each year. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, JLI is a wholly owned, indirect subsidiary of Shell Oil Company. Jiffy Lube® service centers are 100% franchise-owned - independently owned and operated by more than 250 entity groups.

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    Upon the completion of my service, I paid my bill and went on my way. About a tenth of a mile down the road my car started making a loud knocking sound. I pulled off into a parking lot and inspected my tires. The associate completely forget to tighten the lug nuts on my rear passenger tire. The lug nuts weren't even hand tight (could take them off by simply flicking them with my finger). I called the store and told them my issue and they said to bring it back in. I said that I didn't trust to drive the car further without damage, so they drove to the lot and tightened the lug nuts. I then drove back to the Jiffy Lube so they could put it on the lift and re-tighten all of the lug nuts. When I asked for a refund, the associate said he could offer me a $15 discount on my next visit. When I insisted that I wanted a refund, he said that he couldn't since the register was closed for the evening.
    This Jiffy Libe used to be the quickest and most efficient service I had seen. I don't know what has happened in the last few months, but it has totally changed and is now slow and inefficient. They used to promptly greet you and make you feel welcome, but no more. I hope it can be changed back to the way it was previously.