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Jason's Deli 165 - Broadway (TAB)

6061 E Broadway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85711
Jason's Deli in Tucson, AZ
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    Founded in 1976 in Beaumont, Texas, Jason’s Deli serves guests at over 240 restaurants in 28 states. Our deli restaurants offer more variety and hospitality. From healthy to indulgent, classic and new creations, original and lighter options, to last-minute catering and all-day deals. Over the years, we have eliminated artificial trans fats, MSG, high-fructose corn syrup, and colors and artificial dyes from our food. We see our guests and employees as an extension of family and strive to provide the same quality meals in our delis as we do in our homes – with ingredients you can pronounce and trust.

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    I ordered 2 lunches at around 1:45 PM on 03/21. I was given a delivery time of 2:30 PM. (Order Number: ***** - I received a confirmation email for my order at 2:51). At 2:52 I received a phone call that there was a "computer glitch" and the deli had just received my order. This was going to cause my order to be delayed another 45 minutes. The person I spoke with seemed to be in no hurry to remedy the situation and offered nothing as compensation for my inconvenience. I cancelled the order and stated that I had wanted lunch, not dinner. I then received an email at 2:56 stating that my order was not accepted. Fine, perfect. UNTIL I checked my bank account the next day and saw the charge for $38.60 on my card. I called and spoke with the manager at the store where I placed my order and was told I just need to "wait a day or 2" for the refund. Well, it has been a WEEK and I have still not been refunded the money I was charged for the food I never received. I will NOT be ordering online again.
    Jason's Deli reply:

    I called and spoke with Niky Taylor. I apologized for any inconvenience this caused her and assured her that we have fixed the issue with our Online Ordering system. I also let her know that I located the issue with her payment and have sent the refund request to our applied payments department and that it should be taken care of ASAP. She was very grateful that I called and spoke with her personally. She was not expecting a phone call. She said that it changed her mind on how she felt about Jason's Deli because of our response. I told her if she wanted to give us another try we would be more than happy to buy her lunch for her next time. I would call this a winback.

    Other than the delivery times taking way too long and that's why we did carry out, I have no other complaints regarding service or food. The delivery charge is outrageous and I hope our management reconsiders that charge.
    When I call a Jason's to confirm or make a change on my catering orders, I'm always put on hold. Not just this Jason's. Seems you need more trained employees to answer catering questions. always takes a while to get a manager on the phone to assist.
    It was great food! Thank you very much!
    wonderful food and service!
    This was my first time eating at Jason's Deli and I was very pleased. The food was very good, I really enjoyed my Ruben sandwich. It had a lot of corned beef and a good amount of dressing. My kids enjoyed their food as well.
    love the deli sandwiches - want to honor Jacob - he brought our tray to our table and was so delightful with a smile and also Rainer who was cleaning tables - he politely asked if we were finished with our meals and also had a great smile - we saw Jacob on way out the door and he gave us an "have a great day" nod and smile - they deserve some recognition as young people nowadays don't get much recognition
    4 weeks ago
    Service was good but find the delivery charge $7 and minimum $25 order a bit harsh it's like a double whammy for less then a group order..should be one or the other not both.
    I usually order the same delicious chicken salad on rye with baked chips and a cookie. The food is always excellent and the staff are so friendly and efficient! I love this store!