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Jason's Deli 133 - Metrocenter (PHM)

10217 N Metro Center Pkwy
Suite 125
Phoenix, AZ 85051
Jason's Deli in Phoenix, AZ
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    Founded in 1976 in Beaumont, Texas, Jason’s Deli serves guests at over 240 restaurants in 28 states. Our deli restaurants offer more variety and hospitality. From healthy to indulgent, classic and new creations, original and lighter options, to last-minute catering and all-day deals. Over the years, we have eliminated artificial trans fats, MSG, high-fructose corn syrup, and colors and artificial dyes from our food. We see our guests and employees as an extension of family and strive to provide the same quality meals in our delis as we do in our homes – with ingredients you can pronounce and trust.

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    Great experience, there were no issues and I was completely satisfied...made my meeting run smoothly! Thanks!
    One time I had a bad experience at a different location but this location is always wonderful. They always deliver at least 30 minutes early which I love and always friendly. I will be a customer for life.
    I was looking for something other than sandwiches which is mostly what the office has catered in, we had the baked potato bar and I had nothing but compliments on the food. It will be something I order again to change up the menu in the office. AND the potatoes were huge!! I recommend that this never leave your menu.
    I can't say enough good things about our delivered office lunch from Jason's Deli. The online ordering was easy and clear, with fabulous pictures and descriptions of the food. The order was delivered right on time by a very friendly and helpful delivery driver, who unpacked all of the food and set everything up in our break room. The food was delicious with a wonderful variety. We had a tray with a variety of fresh sandwiches, a large Caesar salad, pickles, baked chips and a dessert tray. The food was freshly made and presented very nicely. We will definitely order again from you! It was a wonderful experience and a great value for the money. Thank you!
    Ordered online for an event from across the country. Staff followed up to confirm the orders before the event. Event attendees were very satisfied. Thank you!
    I find it easy to order online. I find the group ordering for delivery very convenient. Everyone is always satisfied with their food.
    Everything was good. I wish that we can use Jason's Deli dollards to eat in the restaurant.
    From calling the store to ask questions to ordering online and receiving the order I had no issues. The prices weren't crazy expensive either, so it worked well with our budget. Ordering online made organizing the event a million times easier. I could save the order and come back and add more orders when I needed to instead of starting all over again.
    I'm a black man of 59 years old and in my profession I dress casual for my job,so I don't look like I'm hopeless or looking for a handout, but I was racially profiled.There was a white ahead of me in the line who payed with their credit card and was not asked for I.D, when my turn came and showed my card, the first thing said was may I see your I.D, I asked that she didn't ask the couple before me and she just shut down and didn't say anything
    Please give me more new information and update if you have some promotion and some special when I birthday. Thank you