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Jason's Deli 119 - Baseline & Cooper (PHB)

1065 E Baseline Rd
Suite 101
Gilbert, AZ 85233
Jason's Deli in Gilbert, AZ
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    Founded in 1976 in Beaumont, Texas, Jason’s Deli serves guests at over 240 restaurants in 28 states. Our deli restaurants offer more variety and hospitality. From healthy to indulgent, classic and new creations, original and lighter options, to last-minute catering and all-day deals. Over the years, we have eliminated artificial trans fats, MSG, high-fructose corn syrup, and colors and artificial dyes from our food. We see our guests and employees as an extension of family and strive to provide the same quality meals in our delis as we do in our homes – with ingredients you can pronounce and trust.

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    I enjoy Jason's because of it's fresh items, and the wide variety my family can choose from. So thank you.
    Best Tuna Melt in PHX Az. I always come here when I need a good sandwich. Much love as always Majin Skooo #SKoooCity my tuna melt taste how I pictured it to taste.
    Your staff is excellent food is great! The Shelley Deli is the best! I just wish there was some way to control the flies in the restaurant.
    I am an office manager and order team breakfasts and lunches weekly. The online ordering process was super easy and convenient, and the menu is great for what we need. The fruit tray was perfect, beautiful and fresh. The breakfast sammy box was pretty good, but could have been a little better. The ham sammy had too much ham and the bacon could have been cooked a little more. The girl that brought the food was a little curt, like she was in a hurry. Overall though, it was great and I will be ordering again. Thanks!
    The delivery drivers were great and even came back to pick up. The order was large and at a public university so it needed to be cleaned up that night and garbage cans were sparse. The service was for 60 people and the portions were large! Everyone was well fed and happy.
    I called day before to confirm order and time. Called day of because it was late. Ended up being 40+ mins late for breakfast so most of food thrown away. I asked to speak to a manger to be told none available. I called 3 times day of order and old it would be there soon. Not acceptable. This was an important meeting and you screwed it up. Thanks!!
    The order I placed was missing two whole entrees, so I called the Jason's Deli location and asked if they could send an updated receipt to reflect that the two entrees were not delivered. I never received a detailed and updated email with the charges removed from the order for the two entrees, despite being promised that I would receive an updated receipt emailed over to me after I ended the phone conversation.
    My first experience was a really good one. Menu items was easy to understand and answered all the questions as if I was talking to someone. I wish there were more Jason's deli around.
    Will not recommend or use this location at Baseline and Cooper again!
    The quality of the sandwiches were amazing and I think everyone was surprise on the amount of meat that was on each sandwich. The garden salad and pasta salad both have very fresh ingredients, with the pickle spear on the side being a great touch. The quality of the sandwiches will keep us coming back.