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Jason's Deli 179 - Chandler (PHR)

7230 W. Ray Rd
Chandler, AZ 85226
Jason's Deli in Chandler, AZ
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    Founded in 1976 in Beaumont, Texas, Jason’s Deli serves guests at over 240 restaurants in 28 states. Our deli restaurants offer more variety and hospitality. From healthy to indulgent, classic and new creations, original and lighter options, to last-minute catering and all-day deals. Over the years, we have eliminated artificial trans fats, MSG, high-fructose corn syrup, and colors and artificial dyes from our food. We see our guests and employees as an extension of family and strive to provide the same quality meals in our delis as we do in our homes – with ingredients you can pronounce and trust.

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    I had orderd the All Day Meal Deal (breakfast & lunch) for 14 people. I called after breakfast was delivered to add the "Afternoon Break" to the lunch delivery portion of the day. We received the lunch delivery and there were two tiny cups with the cajun mix & the cranberry mix - for 14 ppl?? I call the store and they offer to re-deliver. AGAIN they bring 1 small cup of each-?! Plus doesn't the 'afternoon' break include lemonade?/
    Fell short on the order! Sandwich not made with the requested bread even after the cashier repeated the order to us twice.
    I would like to start this by saying my office orders from this establishment frequently, and every other order is either late, not fresh, or prepared wrong. We have co-workers in our office and with dietary restrictions and allergies. When I called to place my order I specifically mentioned that we didn't want any Tuna, Egg or Chicken Salad sandwiches due to the aforementioned above. When I received the order the delivery driver didn't set up he just placed the bags on the table and watched me set up.... after he left I saw that there was a variety of Salad spread sandwiches... the type I requested to not have, the croissants tasted dry and stale and the fruit was already turning my employees where picking rotten grapes from their plates . We order from you frequently and in large quantity and it seems like we never have a consistent quality of food. I called your restaurant to speak with a manager and was placed on hold for 20 minuets. This is unacceptable.
    Love the option to order online, pay with 1 card, but have each individual select their own order. Great staff - they called and let me know the order wouldn't deliver at our requested time, but just a half hour later which was fine. Driver must have forgot 1 soda but we got one from a vending machine. Overall awesome experience! Will definitely recommend to coworkers.
    I've used Jason's Deli before for other events and have consistently had great service and food. The sandwiches were great and the salad was wonderful. We have staff that were looking for a "Fall" type of salad so the Nutty Mixed Up fit the bill. Just keep doing what you're doing!
    We have been to Jason's many times in 6 years,and ALWAYS have had a great meal.This time we waited 25 min for a corned beef sandwich,finally asked about it ,waited longer went up to the front to see what was going on,they just got the sandwich prepared.It was barley toasted,cheese not melted,no stone ground mustard,chips were not the baked ones we asked for.we felt they forgot our order and threw the sandwich togetherthere also was not the amount of meat that is normal on the New York Yankee.Not worth the price of 10.99. PS FOUND a hair in the muffins and no pepper towels in men's restroom ,had to use toilet paper
    Everything for this order was just as expected. Thank you!
    Our office placed an order for delivery at 12PM and did not receive it until 1PM. The office meeting was over and many of our employees had already left, leaving a lot of the food untouched. When I contacted the store, they told me the order was on its way with little details on delivery time. Our office has used Jason's Deli many times in the past, but cannot continue to use a delivery service that is not reliable.
    The salad bar failed to meet our expectations and was not kept up to the quality we have seen in past visits. The food preparation was poor, and The lettuce and tomatoes were not fresh, and we feel we did not get the value for the dollars we spent today.
    I wanted the Spud Au Broc which had not been on the menu for a while but the store knew the product. The person taking my call did not know what I was referencing. Also the Plain Jane Potatoes should have an option to add broccoli on the web to substitute for the lack of Spud au Broc.