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Gastronomy Market Street Grill, CW

2985 East 6580 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
(801) 942-8860

Gastronomy in Salt Lake City, UT
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    Rated Salt Lake City's finest seafood restaurant, the Market Street Grill and Oyster Bar has been the unanimous favorite of locals and visitors from around the world, and has set the standard in Utah for fresh seafood for over thirty years. Daily fresh fish include salmon from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, lobster from the shores of Maine, Ahi tuna from Hawaii, sole, halibut, oysters - the list of fresh seafood is endless. Bustling wait staff and exhibition kitchens contribute to a sparkling, high-energy atmosphere where the best seafood is served in an expansive variety of contemporary dishes, along with steaks and a delicious array of non-seafood choices.

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    1 day ago
    1 day ago
    Elise E.was our server. She was friendly and very efficient . She is one of the best servers we have had at this Market Street Grill location.
    4 days ago
    Sabrina was the best server ever.
    Our server Dale was scattered and couldn't keep anything straight. No one was given a drink refill, although asked if we wanted them. My iced tea had lemon seeds in the bottom of the glass and I never got a refill of the beverage. Dale was engaging to begin with, but he was too interested in throwing one liners at us instead of getting our order correct. After 2 hours of this dinner experience, he began to rant on a tangent about the political climate. We sat and listened for about 5 minutes of non stop banter and finally had to get up and leave. What started off as a nice dinner out with friends ended in a lecture from our server about the fragility of liberal America. I'm fine with everyone's opinion, but Dale was staring to become agitated and we didn't quite know how to end the conversation. As for my dinner, I ordered the Prix Fixe medallion and chowder and chocolate cake. Dale only heard parts of my order, despite writing it down, and brought my chowder out after reminding him that I had the Prix Fixe. The medallion was not of good quality and it was full of fat and very chewy. When it came time for dessert, Dale again had to be reminded that I had ordered chocolate cake. When my bill came, he couldn't quite understand why I wasn't being charged for the chocolate cake. I had to remind him...again, that I ordered the Prix Fixe, which included chowder, entree, and dessert. He ended up charging one of my friends for a dessert that she had a free coupon for. And then he argued about why she was being charged for it. I'm sure he's a nice guy, and maybe he was having an off day, but I hope if I ever come back to Market Street, he's not my server. This was probably the worst experience I've ever had at Market Street. Very disappointing.
    Jacob is an excellent server!! Friendly and efficient!
    1 week ago
    Our server received our frequent diner card in which we had a $25 reward to use and did not even bother to run the card for the discount. We took our ticket to the manager and he took a VERY long time to reverse the debit charge (in which we won't get back for a few days) and bring it to our table. We suggest that your servers recognize when that card is presented they run it to get the points and the discount credited.
    Very friendly. Quite attentive but not over bearing.