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Gastronomy Market Street Grill, CW

2985 East 6580 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
(801) 942-8860

Gastronomy in Salt Lake City, UT
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    Rated Salt Lake City's finest seafood restaurant, the Market Street Grill and Oyster Bar has been the unanimous favorite of locals and visitors from around the world, and has set the standard in Utah for fresh seafood for over thirty years. Daily fresh fish include salmon from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, lobster from the shores of Maine, Ahi tuna from Hawaii, sole, halibut, oysters - the list of fresh seafood is endless. Bustling wait staff and exhibition kitchens contribute to a sparkling, high-energy atmosphere where the best seafood is served in an expansive variety of contemporary dishes, along with steaks and a delicious array of non-seafood choices.

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    Would love to have halibut back on your early bird menu. Would like to see you serve a different vegetable other than broccoli all the time.
    1 day ago
    Portion size has diminished over the past few years. Soup too thin. Salad too skimpy for price charged. $2.69 for 1/2 half small avocado......come on!
    Mike was a great server. We went to dinner for my birthday and I was very satisfied with everything. He is a very friendly guy and was always willing to help and was fast when we needed something.
    this the 4th time I have dinner at this location in less than 6 months. every time they seat me in the SAME table, the little one just before the stairs to the bathroom . I always HAVE to ask for a different table and the girl at the host desk always has an excuse and an attitude. I see there are empty tables INSIDE the restaurant. she told me they were short of servers and that is why I was assigned that table. second time they where all full ? but I could see empty tables. third time she told me all the empty tables had reservations. So this time I MADE reservations well in advance and guess what ?? they give me same table at the end of restaurant by the stairs going down to restroom.!!! I mentioned to her why "she" always gave me that table ans she just rolled her eyes and with a bad attitude gave table next to that one!!! I spend at least 120.00 per 2 people meal I am a frequent diner # ***** for more than 20 years I was at the opening of first location by U of U . I enjoy food and atmosphere . BUT the treatment I have received in my last 4 visit makes me feel uneasy as why the reasons. I dress appropriate since usually are special occasions when we dine there . I spend a good amount of money there . at this point It makes me think your restaurant doesn't welcome minorities . I hate and refuse to play that card . But at this point I see no other reason why I am always seated almost outside and out of sight. I had made the comment to your server that I feel like the movie the lady and the ***** when they are having dinner in the back of the restaurant. the difference I pay for it and I expect to be treated to the full experience that other dinners. I would never go to this restaurant I gave them 4 chances and their fail my expectations . I gave you permission to publish this comment if you dare. but I will post something regarding this treatment in social media. I am tired and offended to be treated that way and I allowed it 4 times. I have choices where to spend my money, enjoy my meals and be treated with respect. Mrs. Cho
    You normally do very well. This time when we sat down, the butter dish contained the used wrappers of 3 butter pads and no new butter pads. When he brought our bread we had to ask for some butter. Then he took away the old wrappers that were no doubt left by the previous customers. We ordered the hot artichoke/crab dip to start and a seafood salad and a seafood Louie as our meals. The server brought our meals out within about 5 minutes and said he guesses the artichoke dip takes longer to heat than it does to make salads. He owns that process and apparently needs some training on when to turn orders in based on what type of order and what type of appetizer was ordered. He also needs some training on what not to say to the customers once he's messed the order of the food and appetizers up. Otherwise, the food and dip was very good.
    Tanner B. did a great job as our Server. Prompt and attentive!
    1 week ago
    I have been a long time customer. This was the poorest service I (we) have ever received. 1. Water glass was not clean. 2. Beer and wine were not served, after we asked, it we were half done with our meal. 3. Sauce on prime rib was not flavorful, it was bland like consume soup. 4. Salad took a long time to be served, meal took a long time to be served.
    Had the stuff mushrooms for the first time- not impressed at all. Very disappointed because we love almost everything else.