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Gastronomy Market Street Grill, CW

2985 East 6580 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
(801) 942-8860

Gastronomy in Salt Lake City, UT
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    Rated Salt Lake City's finest seafood restaurant, the Market Street Grill and Oyster Bar has been the unanimous favorite of locals and visitors from around the world, and has set the standard in Utah for fresh seafood for over thirty years. Daily fresh fish include salmon from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, lobster from the shores of Maine, Ahi tuna from Hawaii, sole, halibut, oysters - the list of fresh seafood is endless. Bustling wait staff and exhibition kitchens contribute to a sparkling, high-energy atmosphere where the best seafood is served in an expansive variety of contemporary dishes, along with steaks and a delicious array of non-seafood choices.

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    Three of us were dining. One of the meals was cold. The service was slow and the server forgot several things. The server may have been new or over-extended.
    Dillon was fabulous!!!
    Our water glasses were empty several times. Our server was not there to check on us for a long time, so we couldn't ask for more water or more bread.
    Lately it seems that our waiter/waitress seem to take a lot of time to take out order, serve salad, etc. We had 1 hour 30 minutes before a concert. We left the restaurant in about 1 hour 45 minutes. I'm not sure why it is taking so long to get service. The waiter and waitresses seem to disappear for several minutes. Are they working both side of Market Street/Oyster Bar. The check seems to take forever to get. Not to mention the time it takes after we and wait for them to return. I have taken to several people about it and they say don't go to Market Street if you are in a hurry! It not that you service crew is bad they just need to speed things up. Please improve your service!
    6 days ago
    I've been coming to Market Street since it opened. This time it was very poor in service and the hostesses seemed very unfriendly. The food is good but expensive, so you would at least expect the service to be efficient and accurate.
    The food was scant and way overpriced for what I received. The fish was over cooked and the halibut had a texture that appeared to be frozen and water not removed prior to cooking. It was subpar for the price we paid. My water was not refilled the entire time and the server never returned to ask if our meal was satisfactory. I will go to Red Lobster before I return here.
    The waiter was very nice. I felt uncomfortable because Andrew kept trying to up sale us on every item. I expect this at Chilies, not at Market Street Grill. I have never had any waiter do that before. Is this something your encouraging the waiters to do? I sure hope not I love coming to your restaurant. But I don't want to feel like I am being pushed into buying more expensive food items. Thank You,
    1 week ago
    My family and I had an amazing night because our server went above and beyond by catering to every need we had from not knowing what to order ( the Halibut Oscar style was incredible by the way ) to entertaining our kids and making them feel important. Our favorite part of the dinner experience was that she made sure she connected with each of us. personally I have never experienced feeling this welcomed at a restaurant before. she is a stellar employee!