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9996 Commons St., Ste 310
Lone Tree, CO 80124
Garbanzo in Lone Tree, CO
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    Through the myriad of dining options out there, you found your way to a freshness oasis: Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill. Garbanzo is proud to bring you fresh, healthy and authentic Mediterranean food! Handmade pitas are baked from scratch on site daily. Our hummus, falafel, chicken and steak shwarmas, and salads are made only from the freshest and highest quality ingredients – never with trans fats. Our thousand-year-old recipes take you to a place you never thought could be so convenient. Enjoy the freshness. Rest assured, this is no mirage.

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    Alyssa was great and explained the card for me - talked me into one to save $5 on my next order.
    If this would have been our first visit to Garbanzo's, we would likely never return! At this point, I'm not sure if I want to return to THIS store again. We've been fortunate to have good experiences in the past, so we won't let this one bad experience ruin future visits to at least other stores. Other than Nicole, the other 2 employees seemed to be angry to be at work, not very friendly, as if we were imposing on them. We had a side of falafel and after filling the bag, she essentially tossed it. As mentioned earlier, the chicken appeared to not be completely cooked. When we went to the counter, we had to wait awhile for assistance. Nicole (was doing her job) assisting other customers. The other 2 employees were no where to be seen. We got Nicole's attention and explained the issue, so she got one of the others. When we explained our concern, she seemed a bit disgusted, stirred the chicken still in the line container, looked at us and asked if we wanted a refund or what we wanted. We advised that we would like new plates with properly cooked chicken. She took our plates and threw them away, took the chicken from the line and threw it on the grill to cook more. Nicole was very helpful and started our new plates. While the other lady cooked the chicken and then scooped it back onto our plates. As we watched the interaction of the 2 ladies (not Nicole, she was helpful), they did not seem happy to be there, possibly not happy with each other, I don't know. But they definitely were not inviting to customers and seem to be more of being imposed upon by customers. We have been to several Garbanzo's, including this one, numerous times before and this is the worst experience ever at any Garbanzo's. This is probably the worst experience we've had at any restaurant in many years. Thank you!
    The manager on duty was extremely rude and unfriendly. She had no sense of urgency to help us and others in line while the younger lady was doing all the work by herself. The manager on duty even rolled her eyes when the gentlemen in front of us asked for gift cards. She made it seems like an request was a huge inconvenience to her. I would suggest finding a better management team. We will not be returning.
    The staff was very rude, not friendly at all. It was my wifes first time didning here, and the lady working today totally ruined our experience. Please train your staff to be nice, if I'm willing to come spend 30-40$ here for a meal then the least you can do is be nice and show us respect.
    I ordered two pitas, the guy put the wrong sauces, extras in the pitas. They were mixed up when I was paying so when I got home, I couldn't eat my pita and my wife couldn't eat hers (I hate taziki, olives, etc.).
    3 weeks ago
    Tierra, the manager of this store did not even say hello to me after I said hello and smiled. She didn't even ask what I would like to have, the only words she spoke through my whole experience there was "hummus?" She is legitimately the worst manager I have ever experienced at a fast casual restaurant. She didn't even offer a falafel and being a former employee at this location I know how important this is supposed to be to the manager. An absolute joke in my opinion and if she is that rude again I will be sure to not return and will advise all friends and family to avoid this location.
    The service was great, portions were satisfactory, everyone was super friendly, and the food tasted fantastic. Love this place.
    We came right during the lunch rush. The kids really love it here. We bought kids plates and they enjoyed them greatly
    Staff was very patient with us as we decided on what to have. They explained in great detail what our options were and offered samples of the sauces to help us decide. WE thoroughly enjoyed our dining expereince