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Garbanzo 1005 - Highlands Ranch

1100 Sgt. John Stiles Dr. # 108
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
Garbanzo in Highlands Ranch, CO
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    Through the myriad of dining options out there, you found your way to a freshness oasis: Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill. Garbanzo is proud to bring you fresh, healthy and authentic Mediterranean food! Handmade pitas are baked from scratch on site daily. Our hummus, falafel, chicken and steak shwarmas, and salads are made only from the freshest and highest quality ingredients – never with trans fats. Our thousand-year-old recipes take you to a place you never thought could be so convenient. Enjoy the freshness. Rest assured, this is no mirage.

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    The taste of Garbanzo's food just isn't as great as it used to be when the stores first opened in the Highlands Ranch, CO area. The hummus, tabouleh and rice just isn't as good as it used to be. So sad :(
    Ammon was terrific again. The whole team always does a good job. The food is always great.
    The falafel was made fresh. This makes all the difference. They have improved their portion sizes and the cleanliness of the restaurant since I last visited. The food was delicious, however I think it is a bit over priced, especially if you order a vegetarian meal as I did.
    Ammon was exceptionally kind and professional. The whole process today was good but Ammon really topped it off.
    I didn't want anyone to actually score low on this, because being a large corporate company you probably are too hard on the workers once a poor survey comes through. All I want to say is that the gentleman serving the portions was awesome and he always is, but he probably misheard me when I wanted just two falafel on my plate following him adding mushrooms. He didn't add falafel but added a ton of mushrooms. I didn't know what to think of it. When I went to check out, it seemed high for my normal meal. I don't even request meat, so 11$ was steep. When I questioned it, Emily said it was because of the extra mushrooms. I explained that the gentleman must have misheard me, id never pay 3$ for an extra scoop of mushrooms. Frankly, that's ridiculous. She didn't attempt to take off the extra $$ and I'm not going to be the one to hold up the line during the lunch rush. So I paid it anyway. Not very happy about it. I could understand if I had received a heaping extra serving of meat, but really? She couldn't have just taken it off? I understand how loud it is back there, and I'm sure it's easy to not always receive the message correctly. It couldn't have been that hard to adjust the sale, just saying.
    Meow said the chicken. Moo said the goat. Woof said the chinchilla. Baaaahhhhh said the Human! Dastardly!
    Caitlyn helped me and she was very kind and understanding very helpful!!! The staff tonight was very friendly and welcoming!!
    Great service
    Crew was friendly. Food was good and there wasn't much wait. Falafels were fresh and hot. Refill on sauce was simple. No complaints. We continue to eat here every week, so that should say something.
    8 weeks ago