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Garbanzo 1017 - 16th & Market

1350 16th Street
Denver, CO 80202
Garbanzo in Denver, CO
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    Through the myriad of dining options out there, you found your way to a freshness oasis: Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill. Garbanzo is proud to bring you fresh, healthy and authentic Mediterranean food! Handmade pitas are baked from scratch on site daily. Our hummus, falafel, chicken and steak shwarmas, and salads are made only from the freshest and highest quality ingredients – never with trans fats. Our thousand-year-old recipes take you to a place you never thought could be so convenient. Enjoy the freshness. Rest assured, this is no mirage.

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    3 weeks ago
    When I arrived at 2:15 pm there were no pitas available to go with my plate, I'd like pitas to be available all the time. As well, I find the kids / 'half plate' menu are confusing. I don't need a full plate, but I was once questioned for ordering the half-sized portion.
    I really liked the seasoning on your fries, however there was WAAAAAAAAAAY TOO MUCH. Every single fry was coated in a thick layer of salt and seasoning. I had to spend a few seconds brushing salt off of each one, and even after that they were still some of the saltiest fries I have ever eaten. Seriously, it's hard to overstate how excessive it was, they were essentially inedible without brushing off. I plan to try the fries again at some point to see if it was just a fluke, but if not, I will not be ordering them again, and will be less likely to come back to Garbanzo at all. And that would make me sad.
    Service was great.
    Huge, filling salad with all the fixings is a great value for the price and very tasty. The staff is always friendly and the service is quick. It's one of the few places you can get healthy food, quickly and affordably.
    This location can be a little iffy but today was an excellent experience. Line was moving quickly, there was an item that ran out (red cabbage) but it was quickly replaced. Only complaint I have (which is an ongoing one) is I really miss the whole wheat pita.
    Second time in a row, Ive been to this location and they didnt put something in the bag that I asked for. This time it was the 3 sauces I like on the side. Last time I was was ther it was the pita that I was really excited for. I mentioned it to the big and tall guy about the previous experience and he was very dismissive and said I didnt ask. Not true.
    I'm actually a new resident to the Denver area and I was so delighted with my experience at Garbanzo! The service was excellent and every employee was friendly and helpful with my choices. Specifically Sara, Haley, Gavin were a cheer to be around. I would recommend this amazing establishment to a lot of associates, thank you Garbanzo crew, truely magnificent.
    8 weeks ago
    Jose is awesome!