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Garbanzo 1010 - The Highlands

3453 West 32nd Ave.
Denver, CO 80211
Garbanzo in Denver, CO
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    Through the myriad of dining options out there, you found your way to a freshness oasis: Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill. Garbanzo is proud to bring you fresh, healthy and authentic Mediterranean food! Handmade pitas are baked from scratch on site daily. Our hummus, falafel, chicken and steak shwarmas, and salads are made only from the freshest and highest quality ingredients – never with trans fats. Our thousand-year-old recipes take you to a place you never thought could be so convenient. Enjoy the freshness. Rest assured, this is no mirage.

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    Monique is wonderful. Friendly and nice. Made a nice tight, delicious chicken wrap for me.
    Great people! Great food! Much love.
    the price increase is not good
    Lane and the other guy, I believe his name was Thomas, but I may be mistaken about that. He was on the front line with Lane though, and, together, they made THE BEST chicken/rice wrap ever! Juicy, fresh and delicious. And Lane even made more of a side wrap (rather that just roll it thick and crunched up) and still it did not leak. Delish guys. Thank you!
    Service was fast and food was good. Healthy alternative to fast good.
    There was a layer of hummus that was hard. They married the older hummus with the fresher one and since I was the next person in line to get the leftover hummus from the prior containor, it was kind of gross (at least discard the dry portions of the older hummus and not mix it into the fresher one). Also, the rice was stale. The manager is always nice and warm to greet.
    Puru, Jazz, and Irving were very friendly and brightened my day (actually my night, considering it was ~9pm!). There was even a fresh batch of falafel, which I never expected so late at night! They really saved my night.
    1. Why offer falafal samples when you have cut the split falaflal/mushroom plate to only 2 falafal? 2. I am 8.5 months pregnant and rediculously thirsty, I was getting a to go order and asked for a large cup because I was thirsty. I was directed to the tiny cups, which I would have had to either take 10 of, or stand there for 10 minutes filling up tiny cups of water. I said I would pay for the larger CUP for water (other places charge up to 25 cents, but usually it's free, especially when you are visably pregrant), and I was charged 1.99 for a "Medium Drink". I got water, and was quite annoyed that tap water was 1.99. I'm not working right now, and this was a huge treat for me to even go to Garbanzo's for dinner, and to be charged for something that I expected to be free/0.25 cents was shocking and dissapointing. 3. Your staff always is changing, why? 4. Your menu is always changing? I miss the soup, eggs, whole wheat pita, better lettuce, former ratio of falafal to mushrooms
    Tables were dirty. So was the floor in several places. Portion of lettuce served on my chicken plate was absolutely miniscule, the girl in front of me had to ask for more, and even that was tiny. Hummus was not creamy, had the consistency of playdough. Manager and one employee were lounging in dining room on their cell phones when I walked in. Mgr went back to doing that after serving a few people. The server just kind of threw the food on the plate and was staring past me at a cute girl near the door for much of the time. At least there were cut lemons, silverware and cups available, last couple of times I have been here months ago there were none of those and I was given (had to ask for) plasticware. i think your core concept is a good one, this store is just very inconsistent, it feels poorly run. Thanks.
    The portions get smaller every time I visit. The scoops are only half full at most. It seems like the employees are bored and disinterested in serving the customers. They are like a broken record saying the same thing to everyone who orders down the line like robots. If you ask for something out of their comfort zone, they give you a dirty look like you are bothering them. The vegetable salad was old, many of the salads were getting dried out on the sides, the pitas were VERY thick and heavy. The quality is going downhill