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Dave & Buster's Houston II

7620 Katy Freeway #100
Houston, TX 77024

Dave & Buster's in Houston, TX
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    Great Service
    Can’t really go wrong with DnB. I like the game selection and the food is good
    System at front can get overwhelming. Everything else is great
    Game prices are way too expensive for kids to have fun
    I enjoyed everything about our trip to D&B. My date and I had a great time. But 40 dollars an hour for bowling is ridiculous in my opinion. Was a great experience though. May look for a cheaper bowling place next time.
    The service was not that fast and never got a refill on my drink.
    My niece and I enjoy the games. The waiter was very accommodating and helpful. I ordered the hummus veg tray, but asked him to remove the peta bread. He brought out the tray with added vegetables instead of peta bread. That was a nice surprise. He was very sweet to my niece. She ordered a specialty drink. Then wanted another. He gave her a new drink container with a different color top, and a new color-changing straw she looked at me and said "wow, he must think I am special!" I agreed. I appreciated him making her feel special..
    It fun for adults and that’s enough for me.
    I've done these surveys A LOT for D&B now, but I still feel like places can improve SIGNIFICANTLY. This Houston Katy location NEEDS HELP. I visit this location with my partner at least 1-2 times a month because we enjoy games and there are no other options near us. This location is convenient. We've eaten here once, and the experience was so terrible (food quality, service, cleanliness, beer, etc) we swore never again. The place still looks a mess. I wrote a survey about that experience already, explaining we were seated but never greeted by our survey, beers took 10 minutes to get to us and even only then was it to tell us that the Bud Light was out. Etc etc., I'd never recommend the eatery to anyone. Typically, we grab beers/drinks and walk around playing games. I get this place attracts families and small children - we aren't ignorant that is the main clientele. HOWEVER, the management of this place is awful to restrict bad behavior. Children run around unattended - that should not be allowed, and I'm talking the smaller kids aged 2. I've seen countless "parents" allowing their kids to stand, walk on, crawl on, and otherwise damage games. There should be a manager/employee walking the floor at all times and STOP this. Ask these people either to stop their action or else they will be asked to leave. It's ridiculous. The bathroom here is a nightmare, at least the women's is never clean. Every stall has graffiti - I've visited many times where the same stalls still are without doors so they are out of service. Paper everywhere, countertops a mess. If this was kept maintained and graffiti painted over, people might respect it more. But the state it's been in for 2 years now allows people to think that's just how it is. It's sad. Service is hit or miss. The restaurant is bad. One time we walked over there to get a beer because the bartenders just would not even look at us to let us know they saw us. And we stood at the restaurant bar counter for 5 minutes - people walking around - until we realized they weren't serving there yet. At least tell us! Usually the midway bar service is alright. We recognize most of them now, the older guy is really nice. But sometimes we'll stand there and be ignored for 10 minutes until they can get to us. Also, I think the dining section around the bar in the Midway needs to go - if people want to eat, eat in the restaurant. Otherwise it causes chaos and food spills and an unpleasant experience. The young kids who often work there tend to be clueless. Someone puked outside the bathroom - I walked out with a friend and some young employee was standing off to the side, wasn't loud at all and there was no sign. We walked essentially through the puke on the floor before the guy spoke up to point it out...thanks. More authority needs to be taken. The young guy who helped in the Winners Circle last time was nice. No other instances stand out as memorable. I really wish this place could get its ***** together, frankly. We've been coming here now for over a year, I'm scared to even know how much we've spent in that amount of time. I've seen nicer, cleaner D&Bs so I know this place can fix its issues. But it needs to take better authority over the space and its employees. If I worked for this company, I'd apply an age restriction past 10pm, I'd monitor the floor at all times and yes there would be consequences for inappropriate behavior
    My last experience at D&B was my first bad dining experience. The presentation our food was not what I expected and appeared to be thrown together quickly and tossed onto the plate. Seeing that it took a while for the food to come to the table I was expecting better. The taste was not up to the normal D&B standards either, however I kept it without making a big fuss about it or call for the manager. Despite the food issue, our server was attentive and continuously checked on our table. Great job! I also wished to have been able to use the D&B gift card that I was given as a gift, but the server nor manager was able to process the card. I have contacted gift card services and am currently awaiting a response on how to resolve that issue .