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Dave & Buster's in Providence, RI
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    Drinks are small and all ice. I got the sangria. It was tasty but not worth the money, I wish I got more for my buck.
    I love going to D&B. My girlfriend and I always look forward to it. I just wish some of the games were a little longer and didn’t say out of order. Lastly, we are from jersey city, nj and would like to have a D&B in jersey city or Hudson county
    Firstly, I'd like to mention my son and I drove 45 min to have a fun little date which wasn't exceptional. When arriving at Dave and Busters, we were greeted at the front area by the receptionist and were told we could sit in the game area because we were there to eat and play games. My son and I waited at one table for 15 minutes, Nobody came over to help us or take our order therefore we moved to a booth closer to the bar area in hopes someone would see us in come down and take our order that didn't happen either. I then had to proceed to walk back to the front area to ask if there was even a server in the arcade area and let them know we were sitting for quite some time and my son was pretty hungry due to it being dinner time. We ordered our food I got the Buster Burger and my son got the kids chicken with French fries, I also ordered a side salad for myself. Our waitress by the name of Andrea, brought our food out and nearly dropped my son's food all over him. His chicken and French fries slid off his plate almost into his lap, with his quick reaction he was able to catch the ranch in his hands, she did let me know she would have them remake his meal...she asked if we were all set, I said "I have a salad as well" she brought out my salad and the lettuce was wilted and limp...after bringing my son's meal back out, she didn't return until we were finished eating in which I just asked for the check so we could leave our terrible experience.
    I’m super happy with the way things are run here. No issues that couldn’t be fixed and the one small issue I did have was fixed super quickly and efficiently by the attendant. Couldn’t be happier with my visit.
    These games are fun and addictive and the staff is very friendly and personable, making it easy to talk to them and ask questions. My game froze up and an associate came over immediately to fix the machine and was super friendly.
    Everything was great! Fun and clean place, family friendly and great customer service. Definitely would recommend this place to other friends and family
    It was okay. Some of the games didn’t work but mostly they were fun. I think sometimes games felt like they weren’t explained enough for us to play and feel like it was fair, but I also feel like this wasn’t DNB’s fault.
    2 weeks ago
    A game tech went above and beyond to help us!
    Please bring back the baby making machine please and thank you