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500 W Germantown Pike
Ste 2195
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

Dave & Buster's in Plymouth Meeting, PA
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    My friend and I sat at the downstairs bar to have a bite to eat and drinks. We were asked to run a tab and handed the server a credit card. When reviewing your menu I noticed that all alcoholic beverages did not provide a price; however did include the calorie count (deceptive), then when we asked for the check our bartender returned with a credit card receipt for me to sign.... no bill to review the charges or prices I was charged (deceptive again) so my friend and I had two drinks each and a salmon dinner and I received a credit card receipt for me to sign showing that I was charged 75.58; however I have no idea what I paid for anything.... These are clearly deceptive practices on behalf of dave and busters as it relates to menu pricing disclosures and the bar service staff at the Plymouth Meeting Pa location as it relates to providing an actual itemized bill as it relates to what you are or were being charged. I have not quite figured out how I would like to handle this further but I do feel that someone should be made aware of these deceptive practices. Please note its not about the associated costs of the dinner and drinks it is about the transparency as a consumer as to what exactly I was being charged for, and the consumers ability to review and approve.
    Keep doing a great job me and my family love it there thank everyone that works there
    Everything was good. The only suggestion I would make is that the bathrooms be cleaner. The bar staff is always attentive especially Lindsey, Mary and Christian.
    Dave and Buster's is our happy hour spot for very good reason. The bartenders and waitstaff are incredibly attentive and always very positive and sweet. Lindsey, Christian and Ms. Mary are always a highlight of our experience as they are always friendly, attentive and always provide an awesome experience! They are the number one reason myself and my coworkers continue to recommend D&B to anyone that needs a new Happy Hour spot that is also kid friendly!
    I think the games and variety at Dave and Busters are great. The meals where you can add a power card are a great option as well.
    Overall, I always have a good time at Dave and Buster's. I ate at the bar this time since I was by myself. Even though I was at the bar, Aty still noticed and greeted me. Christian provided awesome service. Within an hour of me eating, it got extremely busy, not just at the bar, but overall in the dining section in the midway. I felt badly for Christian because it didn't seem he had the appropriate backup. But he handled it like a pro. Not long after I paid my tab at the bar, I noticed the midway filling up with people. The Winner's Circle was EXTREMELY busy and usually there would be two people. However, Symone was by herself. She is awesome and always friendly. I also felt badly for her because she didn't have the necessary backup when the line for ticket redemption wrapped around the entire Winner's Circle, which was the first I've EVER seen it that busy since I've started coming regularly. However, Symone handled it with amazing composure and a smile. There are great staff working at this Dave and Buster's Plymouth location and this is why I always come back.
    Kelly was great at helping my daughter work the star trek game.
    While the Slongebob game was down a young man was working to fix it. The kids enjoyed their combo meals and my bacon burger was great. A few of the cushions on the booths were ripped in the dinning area. The bartender was wonderful at taking care of our group.
    I think the bartenders could be friendlier, but the prices and ammenities are nice. Sometimes a lot of the best games are broke consistently which stinks.
    I'm a regular at Dave and Buster's and receive excellent service from the servers. Vanessa and Aty know my face and I always receive excellent service when either of them is my server. I know Rocco and Eric have contacted me, and I do appreciate that. However, there is really still something wrong with the Zombie Snatcher game. I'm not sure how it works but yesterday when playing, for a good period of time there were no letters nor ticket amounts above 100 tickets. Other than that, I usually have a good time.