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Dave & Buster's Franklin GSC

1995 Franklin Mills Circle
Philadelphia, PA 19154

Dave & Buster's in Philadelphia, PA
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    The game machine is not working..this machine has been broken a long time.rock'em sock'em robots
    I think that Dave and Buster's is an amazing place. very nice waitresses and company
    Tammy was a great server and very friendly she checked on us a lot and made sure we were good the lady manager was also great she helped out Tammy when she got alittle backed up we didn't have to wait for anything I can't wait to come back hats off to the cook
    Let me start with my entire party works in food service. We sat at the bar with Kelly G. I don't can't totally burn her. Maybe she's new? Maybe she's having a bad day? I don't know. But bottom line, she was inattentive, unfriendly, and incredibly unknowledgeable. We we sitting directly in front of a group of taps (maybe 7?) and I asked for a Yards Brawler and she perused the handles back and forth multiple times and then turned around to ask me if that was correct. And not Kelly's fault, but the line was dirty and unflushed from the previous beer on the line. Because it took until my 3rd beer for it to be the proper brown-red ale instead of the golden colored ale I was served first. I asked for Bulleit Bourbon which was directly in front of her, and she went to the other side of the bar looking for it. In general, I'm not sure how much worse the service could have gotten if the bar rail was actually full. Which also, the underside of the rail was disgustingly sticky. Honestly, moving to the midway bar was the best move we made. I forget which bartender was working (25-35 with blonde hair?), but she was super friendly. Said hello as I was pulling out the chair to sit down and was very prompt in getting my party beverages. I wish we had known the bar was there when we first arrived. I threw away my receipt so I can't tell you what her name was.
    Jamie was an amazing bartender!! Everything came out perfect!! I will certainly be back soon for another visit!!
    Remodeling Dave and busters in northeast Philadelphia.cleaning was fine. Somehow it was a ghost town in Dave and busters. Maybe it was a ghost town because people r working and kids at school or doing homework. No waiter or waitress to escort to sit at. No conclusion how that happen . Game room is very small but lots of games.
    Everyone at this location was super friendly I love coming to Dave and busters in the morning because there is no lines when it comes to tables or games. I come to here often because of the coupons and great staff. Tori the host was awesome with explaining my choices on where to eat and what great new games to play. I ate with the server Samantha she was super cool and very down to earth. I love having servers like her who make you feel at home.
    Had a great time here and will be back again to visit in the future! Thank you!
    We visited Dave and Buster's to celebrate a good friend's birthday. Upon arrival, we told the hosts that we were a party of about 10. They met with the manager to inquire about where to seat such a large group as it was their first day opening during their remodel. This was completely understandable to us, but they never spoke with us and we stood and waited almost half an hour to be seated. Our server took our drink orders, several of which did not come out until we repeatedly reminded our server that they were missing. Upon ordering our meals, our server asked if we wanted to split the check and we indicated which items were to be on which check. After about thirty-forty minutes of waiting, some of our food came out, including two salads. An appetizer platter and a burger were still missing (and would remain missing for at least another ten-fifteen minutes). The chicken on both salads was undercooked, rubbery and not cooked on the inside. The manager visited our table and we explained the situation, including the inattentiveness of the hosts. The salads were returned to the kitchen and one came back with burnt chicken. We waited another almost twenty minutes for our server to return with our checks - which she had not split according to the discussion we had when she first took our order. We waited again for her to split the check, and it was done incorrectly. The manager took the salad with the burnt chicken off of our checks, and discounted the others for our inconvenience. She was very polite and understanding. However, we were all so upset to have had such a disappointing experience when we had set out that evening to celebrate a friend.