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Dave & Buster's in Concord, ON
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    My family and I ordered food at a booth in the midway and it was a horrible experience. It took 20 minutes and me speaking to a manager to have a server come to our table; it took another 20 minutes and me speaking to a different manager to get our food to the table. He went out to the kitchen and came back almost 10 min later and apologized for the wait. The food wasn't fresh, the nachos were stale and the fries were soggy and almost cold. I spoke to to the manager to get the bill and told him about my experience and told him I was never coming back. He shrugged it off with indifference and mumbled sorry.
    Make the food prices and game play prices cheaper and affordable. Also, for one of your games, do not make the cards to make a combo hard to get.
    4 way air hockey not working, would love to eventually play this game. otherwise it was a great experience. server was very accommodating to make me a salad without the kale - it was for my daughter who is very picky. I really appreciated that
    My server was very friendly and incredibly attentive to the table. As soon as my glass was almost empty, Patty filled it right back up. The food came much quicker than I was expecting considering how busy the venue was. My steak with relish and mayonnaise was undoubtedly one of the best I've ever had. In summation, I cannot speak highly enough of the server. She made this one of, if not the most, enjoyable dining experiences of my entire life.
    Please make sure that attendants are easily available to the customers as one of the ticket machines broke and I wasted a lot of time trying to find an attendant so that the problem could be fixed and that I could continue playing the game.
    More controlled game play. People stand an play games to long an don't give others a chance to play. I stood in a line one time with my son an the same group of people kept playing an playing while they knew others were in line waiting to play. My kid stands in line for 15min to play a game because the people in front like to let their buddy cut and play with them all over again. My son play a lot of games there but some games are the reasons he wants to come in the first place and if he can't get to those games he's ready to leave even if we only been there 30 minutes. We can't be waiting in line 15 20 minutes to play one game everyone should get a turn not one person playing 10 times all at once, play 2 times an let others have a turn.
    I brought my family to experience Dave and Buster's for the first time and played games along with dinner. We arrived past the 7:00pm power hour availability but was still interested in purchasing a card or two since we spent over $100 for our dinner. Unfortunately the manager did not want to approve it even if it was only $10 for one card which wouldn't make a huge difference since we had already spent over $100 for dinner. Thought it would be a nice gesture on their behalf but I guess this establishment doesn't allow it other than other flexible venues.
    I love this place. The only thing I'd work on is training the staff to be more friendly. Every time I've been I've only met one nice worker out of more than a dozen staff members. Also the games/bar area needs a busser person, theirs always dirty dishes everywhere. The games are great and lots of fun at least :).
    Great service from my server Benita she was very friendly and helpful showed me every possible deal!
    Please keep Dave and Busters open longer on Wednesday nights; Especially since wednesday specials are half priced, there will be a lot more people and visitors to the organization. Hence us visitors will have to wait much longer to play particular games. Also, it would be nice if there were more employees available to help reload cards on the busy days so the lines will not be so long and visitors can go play games instead of spending so much time during their visits waiting in line.