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5001 Monroe Street
Toledo, OH 43623
Dave & Buster's in Toledo, OH
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    overall, a we had great experience! Keep up the fantastic work! Looking forward to coming back soon
    Our server Trey was friendly, knowledgeable, funny, attentive and made us feel welcome. He joked with us and It felt as if we were friends.
    I have been to dave and buster a handful of time tonight was the best visit out of all of them hands down what made this visit unique is our server Trey he went over and beyond to meet me and my family's needs during our entire visit I will be back and I will be request him again not only a amazing server but a stand up comedian awesome experience at dave and buster
    The food was good and the drink selection had options. But above all the service I recieved from Trey was the best part about my Dave and Busters experience! Such a warming personality! All servers should take after how he does his job!
    I was fortunate enough to have elisha as my hostes what a sweet and friendly girl
    First visit. Enjoyed it tremendously. Wonderful service. Server was Excellent, treated us well, explained menu and drink options in detail. We were happy with our selections.
    Elisha was very sweet and friendly. Hope to have her again as a server she was outstanding
    I love this place my boyfriend takes me often however we will no longer eat there! The first time the food was small portions and meat was not cooked right and kind of high priced for the portions. The meat was overcooked. we then decided to try the food again it was horrible I do not eat pork and they brought me bacon on potatoes and my boyfriend order double potatoes the female was rude that i asked to replace the potatoes she acted mad then they came back and said the potatoes were frozen and i would have to get something else i was so upset i did not eat the steak or the fries i did not want our bill was alot and they did not offer to make it right but i was most mad that we spend alot of money and they were rude the server was nice but it was someone else who was rude that came to the table. she was kind
    We sat in a open seating section and waited a long while before greeted by a server. Ordered our drinks, a Dr. Pepper and a Peach tea, got the Dr. Pepper promptly but had to wait over 10 minutes for my Peach tea. Server Jada Stopped by twice to tell me they were brewing fresh tea for it. When i did get my Peach tea it had such a small amount of Peach flavor it was hardly noticeable, It tasted like regular Unsweetened Tea. I asked for some sugar but never got any. We ordered 2 Eat and play Super 20 meals and an extra order of tots. My girlfriend got the mac and cheese with the tots, and i ordered the Philly and fries. Then our server disappeared for 30 minutes. Ran by us and dropped off another "peach" tea not saying a word to us while my Girlfriend had an empty cup for about ten minutes, though my tea was hardly touched i got another one. after 40 min our food arrived. The mac and cheese was still fresh and hot and tasted very good. The Philly was sadly cold and the meat was nearly burnt. The onions peppers and mushrooms were raw and looked like they were tossed on top in a last second effort to get the food out. The tots were overly cooked and cold when delivered to our table. No fries were given at the initial delivery. I asked Jada about the fries and she said they would be right out. She came back with our new power cards and ketchup but no fries. We ate our meal minus the tots since they were uneatable and Jada did finally notice the Dr. Pepper was empty and brought us another one. Still no sugar or fries. We decided to go play games on the amazing midway and went back to the table after 20 minutes or so to find my fries had finally arrived and were cold and soggy. I did speak to a manager at this point and he comped of some of my bill witch was nice but seemed in a hurry to be away from us and deal with our issues. Would have liked to tell him more about our visit because i am in the same field of work and i love feedback to improve my servers, kitchen, and my self for the guest to have that great experience. I Do not ask for a manager lightly cause i know they are constantly busy with a untold minor "fires" to put out. But when i do i expect more then a one minute conversation to have money taken off my bill.
    The waitress took awhile to get to our table