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Dave & Buster's Polaris

1554 Polaris Parkway #206
Columbus, OH 43240

Dave & Buster's in Columbus, OH
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    Sonny at the bar was great. All 5’s for the bar. I wasn’t sure how to respond to the prize area as we haven’t been there yet. Manager greeted us which was really nice. Case at bar was really helpful also. Especially after there was a little hiccup with the server and we couldn’t get game cards for a little bit.
    Cassie was very attentive to our requests. Even though we were under the influence of alcohol she was kind and gracious with a SMILE! She never hesitated to say yes or I've got it! 'While being professional.' I wish all of your employees were as attentive as her while under pressure.
    The attentiveness and helpfulness of our waitress was above excellent. This was our first visit to D&B and she explained the menu to us and answered all of our questions happily. The entire restaurant was clean even the restroom.
    My husband and I look forward to coming in on half-priced Wednesdays! We love to come play games and visit our Bartender-Cass and Maddie in the Winners circle. Both of the ladies are very friendly and knowledgeable! Glad you continue to update with new games which the game techs: Brandon and Roger keep in tip-top shape! The nighttime manager on duty is always very helpful as well! Love this place and will continue to keep coming back!
    I had trouble with a couple of the games working properly as documented in my survey earlier. Also when ordering the service was slow and I ordered carry out and stood there for about 5 minutes while my food sat on the bar. The bartenders were assisting customers around me and did not take the 30 seconds to hand me my meal that was sitting on the bar even though he was the bartender who took my order. Selection of video games was not very good but quality of prizes they did have was good.
    Unbelievable service, fantastic food, amazing attention to detail. Our servers/host were 100% fantastic and made the entire experience unforgettable. When it comes to birthdays/parties/etc, having a staff taking care of the food and details made our time with you wonderful. I can't say enough about how incredible our time was there, and thank you so much for making it such a wonderful time. From all of us to you, thank you. Thank you so much, especially to Aaron and his partner, you made this party perfect. Thank you.
    Our servers and the attendants we encountered were all very helpful and kind. The questions we had were explained thoughtfully and thoroughly. These kind of people really make the experience enjoyable and make people want to come back.
    1 week ago
    An issue came up where the games weren’t allowing the cards to swipe in the whole game room. Everyone working stepped to handle the issue in a timely and efficient manner. Our server was amazing! He made sure our party (which included some kids) were well entertained until they could play games again. This was the first time we visited the Polaris Dave and Busters, we usually go to Westlake. Definitely will make this a stop the next time we are in Columbus.
    I brought my Niece and my daughter to this D&B location with plans to eat dinner and allow them to play games. After we arrived we realized they were closing at 5:00 PM for a private party so we were unable to eat at the location. The girls did have a great time playing games and we redeemed tickets for prizes at the Winners Circle and the associate there was friendly and professional and quickly processed our transaction. I however had a problem when I recharged my cards at the bar. When I asked if I could recharge there since the stand at the entrance was closed and I had buy $10 get $10 coupons I wanted to use he said it was no problem. I recharged two cards and I asked him to charge them as separate transactions because on a previous visit when I recharged two cards we found out that when you recharge multiple cards as one transaction you only get the advertised 4 free games on one of the cards. Despite him acknowledging this request and again saying it was no problem he recharged both cards in a single transaction and only one of the cards provided the 4 free games. The second card charged me points for the first game we tried it on. This was disappointing as I was planning for both of the girls to get to play 4 free games each before we left. Instead I lost points on the first game they played and then they had to share the remaining 3 games on the one card. Further disappointing me was I requested he credit the rewards onto my card and he did not do this either. I frequent your establishments and especially this location 2 to 3 times a month and eat at the location at least once month. I like the rewards program and try to utilize the coupons I am sent in my E-mail. I also like trying some of the new games when you have the free games with a card recharge. It is upsetting when I have previously not received the free games because of an issue with how they complete the transaction and I pointed this out and explained how to avoid this and still it is not done correctly. It also is frustrating to not receive my rewards points.