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11049 Carolina Place Pkwy Suite LS-05
Pineville, NC 28138
Dave & Buster's in Pineville, NC
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    Slow in getting seated even though tables were available
    We visited during the holiday season so of course they were busy, however the ladies at the host stand were friendly and organized. They stayed patient even though the wait was well over an hour. The power card staff was friendly and efficient. Our server was a bit slow, but certainly nice. The games were varied and all working as far as I could tell.
    This Dave n busters is great and clean I just hope the staff will keep it that way, but I’m sure they will!
    Great variety of games and love the layout of everything. The kids had an amazing time and can't wait to visit again.
    For every $100 spent, you are to get $10 added to you card. I never get my $10. In the history of my card. The location says to talk to corporate. Corporate never responds to emails. I have at least $100 (10x$10) in free credits that I never got. You need to learn to help the customer with these problems better. I go to other arcades more and more because of this. I mean it's $100. Please give me my $100!
    I think the prices of games should be lower. The food is on the high side as well. I will continue to come as my son loves video games.
    Decided to spend my 30th birthday here- and now wish I hadn't. The bar service was mediocre and the restaurant service was even less than that. Well, let me clarify- not our waitress specifically- but more so the management that night and the kitchen's ability to produce our food. Taneyisha was very nice. She was prompt with order taking of drinks and food and clearing the table of dishes. As I said- it was my birthday, and so I was with a party of 15 or so. Literally half of the table received their food and finished eating their food before the second half was even thought about being delivered. We asked the waitress a couple times what was going on and she said that she is just being told that it is coming. I asked to speak to a manager- his name is Shawn. And he had quite the attitude. First of all- no apology was ever offered. He just stated something to the effect that the ticket was lost and they are working on it now and proceeded to walk away. Well- at that point I wanted to know what kind of compensation was going to be offered. With no apology and no courteous manner in his speaking, I just had to flat out ask. He said we would address that later, he wanted to get me my food- fine. I understand that. As he walked away though- a member of party at the opposite end of the table from me witnessed him rolling his eyes. That was good to know. Shows me how much he truly cared about his guest's experience in his restaurant. Seems like myself and my party were a nuisance to him that night. What he wasn't aware of, was that he was dealing with a table full of restaurant professionals. 3 in management- which I am one of those. 2 corporate trainers. And 4 other highly experienced bartenders/servers. What we all know and understand is that HOSPITALITY goes a long way. A simple apology and ownership of the issues at hand go a long way. Shawn is clearly not leading by example for his team.
    the server was very nice and explained the eat and play combo very well. Had no trouble with anything. Thanks so much
    The entire experience was very good. The energy was great and communication were good considering the store hasn’t been open all that long. A manager did visit our table and was very courteous. The server attended our table a number of times
    The caveman combo was great and the server was great. I enjoyed the table hockey the most