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Dave & Buster's 073 - Cary

1105 Walnut St. Suite E101
Cary, NC 27511
(919) 535-6800

Dave & Buster's in Cary, NC
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    14 hours ago
    Very busy Saturday but Ashley took good care of us. Food took 30 mins but she constantly came to the table. Thanks again Ashley keep up the gold work and big smile
    Management appears to be doing a fantastic job of hiring great people! We moved here recently from Virginia Beach & frequented D&B's there. My wife & I hoped that the employees in Cary would be as friendly & professional as the D&B employees in Virginia Beach...We got our wish! Managers, keep doing what you're doing & never lose focus of the customer! The best part of our most recent experience was our waitress Ashlee! She was everything you want a perfect waitress to be! Thanks again Ashlee for your outstanding service!
    We had wanted to eat and play. I was with my three children. Normally my husband comes with us but not this trip. We sat in the booth and waited for ten minutes. Not one employee greeted us. A couple came in and sat at the booth next to us. Within 1 minute they were greeted and the server was getting their order. I’m sure she assumed she would make a larger tip from the couple. I got up and took my children to play games since the server did not seem to think we were worth her time. She did not even say anything to us when we got up. Then we reloaded our game card we had and were about to get another for my older child. The machine kicked out a ticket and told me to see a cashier. I went to the cashier who informed me that my card was not charged but she would run it again and get me a card. I told her we had waited for ten minutes to be greeted and I would just play with what I had already spent and not return. To which she replied ok and smiled at me. Your manager was talking to the host standing right next to her. You have rude people working your front desk. I walked away with my children and let them play. We then went to the winners circle and the prizes there were not stocked, they were not neat, there were boxes out in the walk way, and the two employees behind the desk were talking and not paying attention to guests. We used to come to this location for almost every special reward and celebration for my children. Now I don’t know if we ever want to return.
    The food was a little too salty for us. Service was great. Manager was great. We used a Groupon for gaming which was a good deal. We just would prefer a menu with more healthy food options, more beer options.
    Dave and busters was great ! They had great customer service the food was amazing and there games were really fun to play
    Always have a great time with kids when when I come here. Our waitress Sabrina did an excellent job.
    Service from Wesley was fantastic! Very attentive and helpful! Had a great experience!
    I really enjoyed i plan on coming back my experience was awesome everyone was nice the order was on point and I had tons of fun in game room and winner circle
    Glad there’s new games. Ashley kept our drinks coming .