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Dave & Buster's Woodbridge, NJ

250 Woodbridge Center Drive
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
Dave & Buster's in Woodbridge, NJ
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    My first time in Dave & Busters and it was AWESOME!!! Food was good, staff was friendly and the games made me feel like a kid again. Definitely be back! Thank you for an awesome time!
    Was a great experience. So glad Dave and Buster opened up in our area .
    I love Dave and busters I’ve visited Dave and busters in multiple locations around the United States nothing has compares to the DNB in Virginia. On another note Woodbridge was a horrible, most games were out of order also had spilled drinks on the control of most games. I would personally have a tech on staff everyday for issues like out of order games. It’s sad to want to play a certain game and your there for 5 hoursand it’s still not available
    I want to start by saying I LOVE DAVE AND BUSTERS!!!! Its convenient, clean, fun, and an all around good place to come to. I frequent the Woodbridge, NJ location because I work very close to this location. I try and come to this location either every Wednesday or Thursday for happy hour. This particular time for happy hour, I was displeased and disgusted by the customer service that was shown to both me and my coworker. One of the staff members explained the happy hour menu to us one particular way, but the bill did not reflect the information that was given to us. When I noticed the total, I kindly asked Samantha R. (one of the bartenders) if she could explain why something was not priced at the happy hour pricing. She quickly answered, with a very distasteful tone, "thats not a happy hour item so thats why." I stated to her "Ok, thats not what we were told in the beginning, we just wanted to know what is actually on the happy hour menu and the football special menu, especially because there was no menu with these items listed. With a snarky attitude she turns to her coworker whispers to him and then returns to say "well thats the difference you didn't specify which menu you were ordering from." At this point I'm beginning to get annoyed and uncomfortable with her attitude and her lack of customer service. She then walks away to speak with her manager, whose name I never got because he did not introduce himself or ask how he could be of service, and he removes items off the bill. When completing the transaction, Samantha R. hands my coworker her credit card back, but when she handed my card back it was basically thrown down and she walked away. Once this occurred, I stated out loud that better customer service is needed and it would be reflected in Samantha R's tip. I also stated that I never wanted anything taken off the bill, I just wanted to know for future reference the select items for happy hour and football. By the way, Samantha R. was not the bartender who originally took my order, she came out of nowhere and took over Fred (the original bartender I love) position, so as a result of her nasty disposition, snarky tone, and rude attitude, she received no tip from both myself and my coworker. Overall, I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!! But I do feel like customer service training is needed! I feel like this training will only enhance and improve the staff's skills and also bring in more business because the staff is pleasant and approachable. Furthermore, happy hour menus and football special menus are definitely needed to help customers know what is on each menu at a certain time during the day and understand the differences in pricing. This is also needed because staff cannot remember what is on each of these menus (my experience this go around). Once again, this has not deterred me from spending my Wednesday or Thursday evening at Dave and Buster's. I just hope that this incident does not occur again to me or anyone else.
    Tanesia was great! Extremely attentive and friendly. The manager John stopped by and made sure everything was good. This was a great experience.
    Our server Ranique was very helpful and attentive to our group. She had lots of patience and ensured we had a great experience. And the children in our group had lots of fun on the games. I would highly recommend this place.
    It was very crowded, which cant really be helped so its whatever, but the drinks at the bar are severely overpriced, $10+ was A LOT for a drink and my drink was advertised as having strawberry flavored ice cubes and it did not, so I paid $10 for a drink that was not as advertised
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    I’m very glad that a Dave and Busters is now in New Jersey. Saves a trip and more money to spend on the games I love.
    The bartenders aren't the friendliest and one of the ladies at the winners circle gave me an attitude over a miscommunication but other than that I enjoyed my time there