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Dave & Buster's 020 - St. Louis

13857 Riverport Dr
St. Louis, MO 63043

Dave & Buster's in St. Louis, MO
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    I LOVE the St. Louis D&B!! The employees are wonderful. They know me and make me feel like we're friends. Very welcoming! I even gets hugs from some of them. Love them. Love them. Love them! From the moment I come in and see CJ at the front desk, to eating in the restaurant, to having an issue with a game not working and the the gentlemen who come and fix it, to the people in the Winners Circle. They're all wonderful. Oh, the managers, too. They all seriously make me feel appreciated. The only issue I've had is the meal I got the last time I was there (Rack of Ribs with the mashed potatoes and french fries). My friend and I split it and the ribs were very fatty and didn't have much meat on them. The cheese sauce on the mashed potatoes was waaayyy too much and overpowered the potatoes and the french fries were cold. I most definitely will not be ordering that again. If I was ribs I"ll definitely go to 54th Street. They have the best.
    We had a great time. The machines could be better attended, considering that we were there very early in the day and had several already not working properly. The attendants fixing the machines were very nice and accommodating. Definitely customer friendly! The food service was wonderful and the food was delicious. The salmon was cooked perfectly and quite tasty. The sandwiches were good and the fries were crisp and seasoned well. Overall, a good experience, but please keep the machines working properly.
    Krystle Jackson, Natoshia Davis & Shirley Clark made the night!! I was visiting for a work meeting and as a sidebar celebrating my 50th birthday! The waitress brought me a brownie sundae dessert as a special surprise which was a totally precious gesture, candle included, but I'm trying to watch my figure, (remember, I'm celebrating a half-century of life...LOL). Unfortunately, the dessert was rock hard where I'm not even sure how chef sliced it. It looked pretty though. She graciously apologized and brought a fresh dessert and I shared with my co-workers! Each of the aforementioned staff at the Dave N Buster's Maryland Heights went out of their way to make the night just a little bit special for this old gal and I wanted to let them know that great service and a going the extra mile in their efforts was greatly appreciated!
    The waitress was clearly annoyed that she had to serve us. It was clear that she did not want to be there. I asked if there were any specials for the appetizers and her response was very snarky. My daughter and I had just left the ICU, as my father is a patient. It has been a long week between working and being at the hospital. I thought that taking my daughter to dinner at your location would help lighten the mood and take our minds off of things. After a luke warm welcome from the staff member who sat us and the waitress, I was hoping the meal would at least make up for it. My daughter could barely bite into the boneless wings, as they were hard. It looked as though they had been sitting out. Then she bit into a piece that had something hard inside. She spit it out. It looked plastic. I was going to show the waitress but she didnt come back for 18 minutes. At that point, I wanted the check and to go home.
    Very good experience, meet expectations
    We initially didn’t want to eat in the sports area we went to the other booth where we made the reservation but apparently what the hostess told me was that our table had been stolen by the sport section.. To start our drink beverages were attended to promptly, except for my beer. I ordered an o’douls and was told 10 minutes later that it’s out of stock. I then ordered a coors light draft that took approximately 25 minutes to reach the table after. We ordered our food, 20 minutes later and my wife and son received their food but I did not. The server did not tell me what was going on with my order. 20 minutes later the manager came over and asked why I was the only one without food. I told him I’m still awaiting someone to give me an answer as to why I don’t have food. He went back and came and told me that someone dropped my food and didn’t put it back in to be made again. So after 30 minutes after the other food arrived for my family I finally received mine with no apology from the manager. He stood there and stared at me waiting for a reaction but I just wanted to have a nice night out with the family so I held it in and said that I was upset with the service. Additionally my wife got dirty silverware both knife and a fork.
    Please put more dairy free options on the ***** menu.
    Honestly everything about our trip to Dave and busters has been completely satisfactory and I couldn’t think of anything that would have made my experience better than it already was! Our server Jeremy was the man and really made it a good night out.
    Very good service
    I absolutely love dave and busters. I always recieve top notch customer service and i love the games. I love the half price games on wednesday option and half price on drinks on mondays!!