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45511 Park Avenue
Utica, MI 48315

Dave & Buster's in Utica, MI
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    The ability to not be able to have more then one power card when you have multiple kids is a very deterant.I don't understand still why you can't split up the credits!? It is kind of pricey to go to a DnB..More coupons would be nice or discounts..
    It was a Saturday night so we expected it to be busy but it was VERY busy. We had to wait to play just about every game and there were so many small children running all over the place out of control without a parent in sight. We saw several children just "playing" on games but not actually playing (i.e. just sitting on the sportbikes without actually playing the game/racing) We waited a really long time for drinks. We ended up ordering 2 at a time for each of us just to limit the number of times we had to stand in line... then we weren't even acknowledged at times. We had to speak up to get the attention of the bartender. There were several broken games including the 4 way air hockey. (You should have regular air hockey and regular Pac Man) A couple of the card redemption machines were not working properly. We were in D&B for nearly 45 minutes before we even touched a game. Is an Adult Only event/evening ever an option? We DO plan on returning to D&B....especially since we still have nearly $60 on our cards...but NEVER again on a Saturday night and probably not on a Friday night either.
    Everything was great & shaunte is a very very good server btw food was very freaking good
    Everything in the midway and bar was sticky... Like it was all covered in pop. Maybe the menus could be wiped off or washed with a disinfectant and the same for the counters. We had to wait over an hour for our food and 3 of us out of 8 got sick from the food.
    Everything was great. Only complaint was the Midway was a little warmer than I would normally like.
    The receipt no. does not reflect the meal receipt I left on the table after our meal. (*****p.m) at the Shelby township, MI. location We were seated in a red booth (4 of us) to eat. The server, she only had 3 booths to serve, no other tables. After our initial drink order it took 27 minutes to get 2 beers and 4 waters. We asked for a floor mgr. who we told go to the booth next to us because those 2 men waited 60 minutes for 2 burgers. They paid for drinks and left. The mgr was surprised we waited 27 minutes for 2 beers. I told him if the server was having a bad day, maybe she should go home. He assured us he was going to meet with her. The responsiveness of having someone get a floor mgr for a restaurant that did NOT have every table full seemed that they were understaffed or the staff was not responsive enough to their training. In our area, 4 tables were not occupied. And 3 red booths were empty. Clearly this young lady did not want to be there serving customers. Forgetting 4 waters later, not making sure specialty drinks were made to D &B standards It showed. Poor service for such a big place. 3 red booths 8 adults 2 kids. S separate tables. Apparently this server needs to be retrained .
    There are 2 fun games that my daughter always wants to play: Sponge Bob and the large "claw" game in the back of the restaurant near the ticket redemption place. The "claw" game has been out of order for several months which is a disappointment in and of itself. Finally on this visit, the game is back in order and the ONLY prizes available were balls (nothing else). Very disappointing. The game always has a long line and it is very irritating to wait in this long line only to have a ball as the only option for a prize. Moreso, the irritation comes from a long wait, with minimal rewards. The other game, Sponge Bob always has a long wait. The 2 available spots to play the game do not open up because the same the players never leave. So other players are forced to turn away and go to another game. Perhaps you should increase the availability of the more popular games. And perhaps the most popular game should be in working order with prizes other than a boring ball. We are paying a large sum of money to play the silly "claw" game; the least you can do is fill it with descent prizes.
    The waitress who assisted my family and I made our experience the most comfortable and more enjoyable. Melissa was friendly, upbeat, prompt and very helpful. Please use her as the basis for hiring employees. Melissa was more than will to help, she shared some food favorites, drink favorites, and she also made sure everybody in the party was satisfied with their decisions. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE and a wonderful attitude.
    Chrissy did an awesome job! Even seeing how busy it was she still managed to take good care of us!
    I was able to watch games at the sports bar while my son and his friend played games. It is a great place for that type of atmosphere. The line took 15-20 minutes for me to get to the front... there were 4 people standing behind the counter chatting while all the adults were waiting in line. For whatever reason most parents get caught up with the confusing ways to buy chips and then to "power up" just pushes them over the edge and makes the lines and decision making longer. I also didn't have a great experience in the dinning area where the arcade is. That is why I chose to go to the sports bar..even though I'd rather be closer to my son, it wasn't worth the time waiting for a seat, no one knowing if a table is empty, no one offering to assist, and my son was yelled at for sitting at the bar while I was looking for a table.