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Dave & Buster's Kentwood

3660 28th St. SE
Kentwood, MI 49512

Dave & Buster's in Kentwood, MI
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    Racquel is always a joy to see when I walk through the doors. She is always extremely friendly and greats you when you sit down, with a smile on her face. She is an employee whom you as a company should value very highly. You're extremely lucky to have have her on your staff!
    The quesadilla is disgusting. Our children would not touch it. I tried it and it was pretty terrible. We were told by a staff member that this is a known issue. It should be changed immediately.
    The staff is always very welcoming and fun. They seem to really enjoy their job and their enthusiasm is contagious, makes me want to stay longer and enjoy the visit.
    We always enjoy coming in however our service is always best when Shoni is Bartending. She remembers our drinks and our food order with modifications! ( We're creatures of habit) Josh said hello and checked on us today. Everything was spotless! Shoni was busy cleaning the entire bar when not chatting with us, again we LOVE HER! Love this place!!
    Terrible service from the hostess through our server. The games were fun but the wait for dinner was 3 hours. We were told bye the hostess the wait would be one hour to one hour 30 minutes. After 2 hours we asked the hostess when the table would be ready she stated another 20 minutes. After 20 minutes we checked again and said this was getting to be a bit long and the hostess told us that she has people waiting for 4 hours. Not our problem if the wait was going to be that long we would have walked out the door. Our server was very impatient with us when we finally sat down, she was almost tapping her foot waiting for us to decide what we wanted to drink. She was very rude when asked what kind of soda products there were because our kids like mountain dew. Coke products were fine but we just wanted to know if it was available she was rude about us asking about the product. The appetizers were cold when they were finally delivered 45 minutes later. We were never given small plates or silverware when our appetizers arrived. Server never came back to see if appetizers were okay, we had to take them back to the kitchen entrance ourselves. A server that was not for our table helped us out with plates and silverware and was the only positive experience we had in the restaurant part of D&B. The entrees were another 35 minutes and 2 of the six were bad. The Philly Steak was cold and didn't have cheese on it (we sent that back). The hamburger was supposed to be cooked medium and it was raw on half of it. By that time my 18 year old son was so angry that he didn't eat the burger. I gave him some of my meal so he would have something. The Hamburger was literally ray in 1/4 of the burger on one side. We weren't the only people that were unhappy. All of the tables around us had people shaking their heads and complaining about the service and food. The Manager finally showed up (he must've heard we weren't happy) and tried to make excuses about being under staffed then caught himself and said that wasn't our problem. We had six people 4 on one bill and 2 on another and the bill was incorrect for both of us. No tip was left by either party. I will never go back to D&B again and will never recommend this place to anyone. It was a real bummer because I received $50 in gift cards for Christmas. My son was excited to finally go, we even looked up the menu before had and was excited because of some of the different things on the menu.
    Savannah was kind of snotty right off the bat. Another gentleman brought us our drinks in a timely manner and she seemed upset about it we were happy that the gentleman was able to help us quickly. Drinks sat at the table for 15 minutes empty she walked by 7 times (we counted) until they were finally filled. Game floor was great bunch of fun love tickets for food deal.
    The only downfall with our visit was the waiting for our meal to start and for our meal to end. We missed out on the unlimited gaming hour on wednesdays because of it.
    Sarah is awesome!
    Great first visit will return in the future...great bar staff kept drinks full all the time
    My root beer drink was amazing.