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8661 Colesville Road Suite E102
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Dave & Buster's in Silver Spring, MD
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    I would make sure that employees behave nicely. And even though it is not our responsibility for missing properties I would still offer help when needed. The employees have a very bad rude attitude.
    It was very busy, so the time to checkin was reasonable. The greatest issue was with the food service. The waiter came by immediately but we were a party of 12-15 and not yet ready to order. Waiter took kids order and drink order and then dissappeared. Someone else delivered food but the order was incorrect. Our waiter was no where in site and not many other staff was willing to stop and help. Finally after about 15 minutes of searching for him after his 20 minute dissappearance he came and took orders. Orders came in and most were not right. Food was hot but very bland and tasteless. We ordered the rib combo, the chicken finger basket, hot dogs in a bun, beef and pasta, shrimp mashed potatoe and steak. The beef dishes were bland. NO FLAVOR to them. One of the games took our money and I requested a refund from the staff. They informed me they had put the machine out of order some time ago. I told them it happened early on but I did not know the process to get my money back. He went through my transactions and claimed to not see any such issue ALTHOUGH I physically saw that my money was taken. Sigh! All in all I'd come again for the games because the food is below par. The drinks were heavily watered down and thisis coming from a mom who just started having drinks again after breastfeeding for 2 years. The long island peach tea has NO affect on me whatsoever. On top of this once I reloaded my card with 60 tokens I lost it afterleaving it in a game because they claimed I could get free toekens on some games and it would be applied to my account automatically if I left the card in the slot. I walked off and totally forgot about the card and it had over 50 tokens on it. Overall a decent experience. Nothing to scream about. Food was HOT but just bland and the watier could not get the order right. He was slow to respond and I guess since he got the 18% gratuity off the top he didn't feel the need to put in much effort.
    My overall experience was great but my server was not attentive at all. Our food came out cold. We waited for a while so that we could changed our food order to something else, however we had to intercept a manager to help us with our situation and get us fresh food. The server comes back to our table eventually and see that we have new food and gives a quick apology that did not seem genuine. We ended up having to ask another server for our check.
    The costumers service
    Very busy today and it was a fine day but there was only 1 employee in the winners room and she really was tired and a bit cranky. I don’t blame her.
    A companion and I had a very very slow experience at Dave and Buster's last night. We came by around 9PM to have dinner, participate in the late nite happy hour, and play some games. We sat at the tables in the bar area. It took several minutes for someone to come by and take our drink order. After several more minutes of waiting to order food, we flagged down a manager who promptly took our order and apologized for the wait. However, once he moved out of the dining area, the service returned to unacceptable levels. We were obviously being helped by a person whose responsibility it is to run food, as servers seemed to be running food and checking on the other tables around us. For example, it took 15 minutes for my cocktail order to be fulfilled, and after the food had been put on the table, I had to go over to the bar to get the silverware. Once we were finished eating, we flagged down a different manager to get our check. About 10 minutes passed, and we had to flag her down again in order to get our check brought to the table. I don't know if our table was not assigned a server, if the server had forgotten us, or what the issue was, but this was easily our worst dining experience at Dave and Buster's. We arrived at around 9:10 PM and did not get a chance to visit the midway until about 10:45. This would be disappointing in general but was compounded by the fact that the very slow service meant less time playing the games.
    love the service and food here, big servings and fast service, kids always love the games
    the wait for a table was extremely terrible, and I did feel like I was definitely ignored, and felt hurt and angry.,basically most of the tables were taken all ready.
    The manager was nice to bring over the gluten free menu. Server explained game card options. Maybe let people know if one can eat, play and eat again and leave things on the table. Proactively.