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1851 Ritchie Station Court
Capitol Heights, MD 20743
Dave & Buster's in Capitol Heights, MD
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    Dave and Buster team and servers where on point today. I am looking forward in returning to visit your Family and friends atmosphere very soon.
    This place is everything Shack said it was. Nice atmosphere, good food and drinks and a nice staff. The manager (Tony) stopped over several times to check on us. We didn't get to play the arcades, but I'm bringing my kids back on Saturday.
    My visit to Dave & Buster's was good. Most importantly, my 5 year old great niece enjoyed herself. My only issue is that there were no waiters to assist with seating in the dining area. Once I was finally able to stumble upon a table after having to ask several guests if they were leaving anytime soon, it was almost like pulling teeth to get a server. There was clearly a shortage in manpower. However, I can't remember my server's name( I want to say his name was Anthony) but he was fantastic! He had to clean/buss tables as well as wait on tables and he remained positive. Got our food out in a timely manner just when he thought it would be a long wait. I thank him for being such a great sport about it.
    Yes my needs were met and our server was great and very attentive. The server checked to make sure we enjoyed the food and drinks and he was not hard to find when we needed something.
    Good service. Food was too oily. Taste was ok but not great.
    Gaming experience was great but redeem pricing at the winners circle was much too high. In some cases near impossible. Rediculous
    You should have some one taking care of the floor cleaning wide. Make sure the server are train to go to the table and at less interduse them sleds smh.
    I think our waiter Tiara was not persistant.Friendly girl,but needs a little more training.Our orders took forever to come out.It took her over 15 minutes just to bring us water.But the manager Cordell stepped right in and took over.He seen us standing at the table came right over to clean off.When we finally got our food he came by to make sure everything was ok,and when it wasnt he executed efficiently.
    I had an amazing time as always...
    I know for me, from the recent visit I had at Dave and Buster's....my family and I experienced an issue. In the beginning, my mother and I had went on ahead to sit down in the restaurant area since, the rest of my family wasn't there, yet and it didn't phase me to reserve a table until I had decided to reserve a table and we had to wait for forty-five minutes. Now here is the issue...when I decided to reserve a table, we had four other parties ahead of us, two big ones and two small ones. While we were waiting in that forty-five minute gap to get a table, the restaurant had more than four tables available for us to sit at and didn't even recognize us to get a table in spite of the other party having at least fourteen people ahead of us when we were told twelve in the beginning. So, basically what we got mad about most of all was the manager. He didn't show any compassion. He didn't know what he was doing because of the miscommunication that he was giving me and my family by telling us that there were fourteen people ahead of us other than twelve and he looked like he was annoyed with us so, my family and I had decided to leave. I went to Dave and Buster's to celebrate with my family because of it being my birthday weekend last Saturday, 2/11/17. So, I have decided that I will not be going back to Capitol Heights Dave and Buster's because it is full of unprofessionalism and ghetto mentality employees. I am person that likes class, elegance and can appreciate someone who can be complimentary toward their customers and not an employee that is gonna walk back and forth and not ask us if there is something that they can do. So, my experience overall besides the games was horrible.