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Dave & Buster's Overland Park KS

6811 W. 135th Street
Overland Park, KS 66223
Dave & Buster's in Overland Park, KS
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

    OpenTell™ Reviews

    Ensure games are marked that they are not serviceable. Let people win more. Overall a good experience and worth going too. Very glad the music isn't outrageously loud.
    Why don't you have Rock m Sock em Robots? Several other D&B's I've been to have them. Thought it was a D&B thing. I've still never played anywhere, always broken!
    We were able to be seated immediately unlike our visits to the Legends. The building is beautiful and well maintained. The staff at this particular location seemed more engaged, and acted as though they enjoyed their jobs. We enjoyed the food and beverages, then went to play games. This is when we expected the wheels to come off. Most of our trips to the Legends include one or two unfortunate experiences that ruin our fun. This did not happen here, as a matter of fact the technician who fixed the ball drop game for us continued to check back to make sure we were okay. He interacted with a smile the entire time. Last but not least our time in your prize area was the best at either location. Not one, but two attendants came out from behind the counter to help with selecting prizes. To top off the night, we went back to win a few more tickets to get the last prize, and guess who was there to help us....the technician from earlier! Outstanding staff, we will make the drive to OP from now on!
    Good games to play and the prizes excellent. Easy to redeem and get prizes.
    The employees are very upbeat, polite and have a great understanding of the products and services. The thing I would employee would be to add a greeter at both entrenceses. Our visit we had a sign to greet us saying we needed to go to the opposite side of the building.
    Your server Melissa was very busy, yet did not miss a beat with us. She had some help from an extremely handsome and hard working manager.
    I feel as though all of my expectations have been met. Unless you start offering massages.
    The loaded tots didn't have much "loaded-ness" to them. Just a small spot of cheese. Mostly just plain tater tots. Otherwise, the bar staff was -incredible-. They were attentive and always there when we needed them, despite it being a very busy Saturday night. I do wish you guys had Dance Dance Revolution A at this location though. A few other D&B locations have it but this one doesn't. That would get me to come in more!
    John was very helpful, polite and attentive.
    My experience at dnb was horrendous. Your bar staff was slow and beyond rude. I was there for a birthday party in Saturday. I purchased my brother and myself a drink upon arrival and one additional drink after. I closed my tab because i thoughy the party was leaving however they weren't. I then asked for another cocktail and the bartender told me I had been cut off. I asked him why since I had only two drinks nd he told me it was managements decision. I asked to speak to a manager, i think is was John or Joe, and he told me the bartender cut me off because I had a change in behavior. I proceeded to ask what the change was, and he couldn't provide any type of answer. He became rude and unwilling to talk reasonably and insisted that I leave. I was in no way intoxicated at the time after two beverages and would like an explanation as to why the staff is allowed to be so rude to the guests.