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Dave & Buster's 007 - Gold Coast

1030 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60610

Dave & Buster's in Chicago, IL
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    The server Nile at the bar in the middle of the game room was completely rude and all I ordered was a coke. I asked if there was root beer and she said no she would have to walk to the other bar to get it. I thought oh no I don’t want her to walk anywhere. So I then ask her for a coke and I thought she said she would have to go somewhere else to get the coke too but then she quickly made me understand that she could give me a coke. She had the neck and eye roll thing down. I didn’t hear her but the way she responded to me vocal and physically was unacceptable. I immediately paid for my drink and left. Also during this same visit I encountered a rude winners circle employee (a guy) this visit particularly made me not want to visit THIS location again and I visit Dave and busters at minimum once a month
    Dave and Busters is very clean and all of the staff is friendly. The had tons of patience when it comes with long lines and dealing with kids. However at the checkout where you get your prizes the lines were too long and there was only one person working that station.
    1 week ago
    I enjoy the midway. The excellent variety of child friendly to scary aspect is enjoyable to anybody if any age. It’s like Chuck E. Cheese if steroids. 10/10 would come back! I ordered the sliders with fries and wings it was very good! Generous amount of food!
    This was my first visit to a DNB, I was not very satisfied. The waitress spilled a drink all over our table and we had to be moved, then she took our order and when we received our food the food server did not bring the salad we order. When we brought it to his attention, he said the waitress did not write it down. Then she didn't check back to see if we needed refills, we had to stop someone and ask for refills. I still tipped the 18%, but the service needs to improve. Then the line for t he front counter to purchase a DNB card to play the games and checks, was long and there was only one person working the desk. After being in the game room for a few hours, the same long line was at the front desk to get my coats back from them. There was like 10 to 15 guest waiting. I was just not satisfied at all with my 1st visit at DNB. Oh and most of the games I wanted to play were out of order..
    I love this place ... my son adores to come . We've made it a habit to come every weekend . The staff always recognizes us
    It’s Ok
    everything was amazing! the games were fun and exciting with such variety. it was such an amazing experience. kind staff and easy access to everything.
    The menu is an array of confusion. It should be more specific in it's selections.
    We arrived at 3:30 for a late lunch. We were told it would be a 1/2 hour wait. There were 7 dirty tables and as many clear but empty tables. I asked why we had to wait and was given a clipped answer, “You are on the list”. We did not come to play games but we got a card. After 40 minutes, we asked when our table would be ready. We were seated. 3 girls were laughing and chatting at the hostess stand. There were 6 empty tables right by us. We waited to be served. Josh was a friendly server. Clearly he was new but eager to make our visit pleasant. I ordered soup and a salad. My soup came 10 minutes after I finished my salad. The fish was terrible but quickly replaced. The burger and Italian beef were good. At the end of our visit (6:30) I spoke to a manager. He explained they didn’t have enough servers on staff to wait on us at 3:30. (There were only 6 tables being served.). When I asked why the girls were just standing around talking, there was no explanation. I asked why their lack of staff wasn’t explained to us when we came in. No explanation. When asked why managers weren’t helping, he replied they were (Not). The 6 seat table next to us sat dirty for 45 min (*****). One older manager (name starts with H)was visibly not happy with pink hair hostess who did nothing but back talk him in front of tables. Dave and Busters corporate needs to step in.