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Dave & Buster's Addison

1155 N. Swift Road
Addison, IL 60101

Dave & Buster's in Addison, IL
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    I would take care of guests right away the faster they get to play the moré they spend and enjoy games ... Walk around and check for broken machines and fix right awayif possible ...food service when it comes to servers it is slow and dont look around for who is waiting they get a little confused . had to stand and find server myself
    I wouldn't change anything other than some of the bartenders and the food. It seems like some of the servers just don't want to be bothered or be there and you wait for a long time for someone to come. People actually watch you sit and then they sit there and don't service you. The one server that actually did come was wonderful. I have been exploring other Dave and Buster's because Addison seems to be going down a little. The quality of food use to be excellent now it's not. You use to always see a manager of some sort walking around now you don't. AND it's funny because the majority of the time that we go is when it first opens so there should be fresh minds, fresh attitudes and fresh food but there's not... I love D & B's but it's not worth the money if the service and food are not up to par.
    Several games were out of order.
    I absolutely love going to the addison IL location because there's so many more options than my home location. I'd definitely go back.
    The bartenders seem uninterested in helping the customers. Whoever is in charge of the Midway is doing a terrible and very lazy job. A dozen games were out of order!! The kids had no fun! And the restrooms were filthy and smelled bad!
    People should be regularly checking machines not just when someone has an issue. And maybe a waitress should be walking around asking if people would like something to drink while playing games.
    Very great establishment and clenliness
    1 week ago
    I liked the free games - thanks for oferring this option as well!
    During my visit, we had received some coupons from a promotion at the Kane County Cougars game. The young man at the register was not friendly or welcoming, i.e. no smile, seemed unhappy, short with all answers (Robert). As the first person to greet you upon your arrival, even faking a smile might be helpful for guests. While we were able to complete our initial purchase despite this it was still an unfortunate way to start the trip. When we were finished with game play we decided to dine there as well. While waiting for our food I noticed the flyer at the table that said we could register our cards using the website or by seeing the front desk. Since my phone/the website was glitching and not allowing me to process registering the Powercard we got, I went to the front desk to ask the same young man if he could help me register the card. He coldly stated that "he had no means of registering the card." When I referred to the literature at the table saying we could see the front desk to register the card he simply said "I don't have the means to do anything like that." While I am still unsure if he should have been able to assist in registering the card or simply needed to "give me the info for how to do it online," again, he seemed put out by needing to interact with people. When I returned to the table I asked our waitress (Etana) if she had any ideas, as I wanted to make sure we got the points for our visit. She was more than polite, apologized for any inconvenience and asked the dining manager what the proper protocol would be. She returned to the table and walked me through how to register the card at home and how to scan the receipt for the account. She was very polite, pleasant, and was able to assist in problem solving without making me feel like a ***** for asking a question. She was a great waitress and took care of us very well. If the reception we got from her had been what we got when we entered the establishment and asked a question it would have made for a perfect visit. I am hoping perhaps Robert was just tired and bummed it was slow when we arrived and that his demeanor was not what all guests should expect when walking in the door.