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Dave & Buster's 077 - Panama City

15701 LC Hilton Drive Pier Park
Panama City Beach, FL 32413
Dave & Buster's in Panama City Beach, FL
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    The front desk girl Jacqueline was horrible! So rude and not helpful! She should not be at the front desk greeting customers! I had a coupon from the hotel to use and she scanned it, did it wrong and then looked at me and stated the coupon had been used! She scanned it, did it incorrectly and then told me it had been used! Made me walk across the street to get another one. She was not helpful and rude the entire time. I asked her a question she looked at me and said, "I don't know" rather than possibly asking for a manager or someone who would know, she just shrugged her shoulder:
    We have visited this location at least 4 times in the past month. We are staying nearby for the month and find the location the perfect balance of March Madness sports for my husband to watch, fun games for the kids to play, and snackable food for everyone to enjoy. Most of our experiences have been great so far. However, this particular night was a) Saturday night, b) college basketball ncaa tournament, c) spring break, and d) St. Patrick's Day. We expected it to be busy. We weren't frustrated with that. What I was frustrated with was waiting for the dinner rush to die down and heading to the bar area to sit with the kids and eat while my husband watched his game. We went in to the area and I walked around a bit and stood around (with three kids) for a few minutes before I pulled a bartender aside and asked where we could sit. He told me to walk around a find an open table. We walked around the entire area and found a handful of "open" tables, but they were all littered with plates/cups/etc. from the previous people. So I went to the dining area and asked them what they recommend I do. They said to stand in front of a dirty table that we wanted to sit at and that they would call for it to be cleaned. We waited in front of a dirty table for 10 minutes. Servers passed and managers passed and no one said anything or did anything. One server, in a different area, said that it was the server's job to clean their own table and with it being so busy they just didn't have the time, so they were leaving tables dirty until they could catch up. Finally my husband pulled a manager aside to point out the issue, and a buser came by to clean the table. Unfortunately, the server seemed less than happy to serve us at this point. I try to be a polite customer. I try to give servers the benefit of the doubt and give them mercy when they are having a rough night. But after dropping off drinks, our server didn't come back for 20 minutes to take our order! This is 10:30 at night by this point. My kids were ornery and hungry. I just couldn't believe how messy everything seemed to be. Empty, dirty tables, frustrated wait staff, inconsiderate servers. I am not sure that this location was prepared for the night. I think, in this case, more help was needed, and staff should be on call to prevent server burn out. It was embarrassing to stand in front of a dirty table for 10 minutes, and frustrating to have a server who seemed like taking our order was ***** him off. I just wanted to let you know, so that possibly, in the future, this location could be better prepared for a busy night.
    The winners circle customer service is awful. You are not greeted and are ignored. It's difficult to get an employee there to provide you with any service. Either you need more employees working the desk or the present employees thete replaced.
    My waiter was great his name was Anthony. He was very attentive to my groups needs. He gave excellent customer service in fact it was so good he should be giving classes to your other employees on how to serve customers. Our glasses were never empty. I could tell every time he went by the table he glanced at us to make sure we were ok and that our glasses were full. He was very very respectful and humbul. Over all he made our experience there worth coming back!
    Everything was great
    Super clean! Food came out fast and everything was perfect! Our waiter was on top of everything.We just loved the manager Holly she was bubbly and friendly and made use feel like we were right at home. Thanks for the amazing time!
    We always love to come to Dave n Busters in Panama City Bch when we visit. It is the most fun and inviting place to visit, and the food and drinks are always great! Tommy was our server today, and we were very impressed with his professional and fast and friendly service. It was a pleasure having him serve us. He was extra attentive, and our food was cooked and served to perfection!
    We had a very good time and the staff was great!
    We love the food and the excellent staff at this D n B! The server and hostess, were very professional and efficeient, and the server got our order PERFECT and was very friendly and personable. We will definitely look for Tommy on our next visit! He is a real assett to this company!!
    The bar tender took 15 minutes to make the 1st round of drinks. When there was 15 minutes left on happy hour we tried to get more drinks at the bar but bartender was fooling around with her friends and ignored us. So we got a table as we had our daughters with us, we asked for another round of drinks and with 10 minutes left the server said she wanted to be honest with us that we would not get happy hour price as it would take too long to put it in and she wouldn't get the bartender to be able to make it in time. So we ordered our food and drinks. They got the regular drinks wrong for our kids (we got water for the adults since we couldn't get happy hour prices) and when we ordered she never told us they charge for a kids drink and that it's not included in the meal,In the past we have NEVER been charged for a kids drink. She never came back by the table to ask for refills. Our Philly cheese steaks were extremely greasy the buns were soggy, and the pasta was extremely dry and the saucs we was clumpy not gooey my daughter's chk strips were extremely dry too. The French fries were over seasoned,they were too spicy for my kids to eat. When it came time for the check we just handed her our card we never saw the bill. She charged the card and when we got the receipt she charged us for the wrong meal. She never came back to the table so we flagged down the manager and he got the server but the never redid the receipt she said I don't want to charge your card 2 times she said she will just the correct amount and lowervrhe too so the bill is the amount it show be. Then we looked further at the receipt and saw the charge for kids drink.we got up to ask the manager he said yup we can charge for kids drinks and walked off. This is the worst service we have ever had at the bar and the server. It was not busy add the actual dining area was closed cause they were so slow2. We come up there 2-3 times a month to eat and play games with the kids but we spent 60 dollars on poor service and meals and drinks and the server not being attentive and the server at the bar ignoring us. The manager was no help when we asked Bout the wrong check and then the charge for kids drink. It was such bad service all around and the manager was no help and we left extremely unhappy.