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2000 S. Colorado Blvd. Suite D
Denver, CO 80222

Dave & Buster's in Denver, CO
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    Cat was the most amazing server! She was very informative to any question I had such as where certain areas ie: smoking area and game are and her discriptions of menu items and everything showed up in a defiantly reasonable amount of time, very please with the service we received from her!!
    We weren’t planning on getting drinks but Brooklyn let us know it as happy hour and our drinks were awesome! Mango margarita and crown Apple smash were bomb
    We come for happy hour. the drinks prices are always so great. and we love to experience all the new fun drinks.
    Tiffany was very attentive and helpful since we had never been here before. She guided us through the eat and play deals and made sure we got the best bang for our buck!
    This was our first visit, Tiffany was extremely helpful in getting us set up with a great lunch and power cards to play games. She explained deals that include food and games which was exactly what we were visiting for. We will definitely visit this store more often!
    Every thing was great deffently will return
    A couple of the games were not marked out of order but would not work when we put our card in to purchase.
    So, about 3 weeks ago I decided to go to D&B and sit at the bar and have food there. Old Chicago up the street is really dark and dingy, crowded at the bar and very noisy. I had a really nice visit and texted a friend of mine that was actually at Old Chicago and told him I was at D&B. He comes down and we hang out and have a few beers and chat. SUPER ICE COLD GLASSES and delicious beer. Clean, lit just right, music not too loud and very friendly staff. So, next week I decide to have several buds of mine show up for Happy Hour and there's 5 of us. We spend a lot more money than anticipated but actually thought it well worth it because of the excellent service we're getting and the stellar environment we're in. This young fella (Moi or Moy) is just helping at the bar area but really cool and super friendly. Invites us back as the did the awesome bartender that was helping us. So, another week goes by and I invite several of my friends to join me for Happy Hour, food and drinks. I get the bar and this really amazing bartender named Camila engages me quickly and offers to serve me. I order a beer and she asks if I'm having dinner and I say yes and she says "awesome!" and then my buds start showing up and I have to tell you. We were blown away at how attentive, friendly and efficient she was. Seriously. Way ABOVE the average service that you would expect or even get from most places. Hacienda's is the only place in the area that even comes close. They also have amazing staff. So, what made this experience unique and a complete 5 STAR experience was quite frankly Camila. Seriously, if you had a secret shopper there watching her work and watching her interact with her customers you wouldn't even believe it. She would periodically come back to us asking all of us if we were still having fun and enjoying our visit, etc. She was making darn sure we were all well taken care of and having a terrific time. I've been in sales all of my life and that is one thing I do extremely well. Sales. Camila is one individual that really knows how to run a bar. If was working along side her I would be "watching and learning" big time! She ( Camila ) has incredible people skills and excellent customer service down to the tee. I'm very impressed with this employee and gave her WAY more than I would tip anywhere because I wanted her to learn a lesson. That when you come to work with that kind of attitude and give that kind of service that YOU CAN BE EXCEPTIONALLY REWARDED MONETARILY $$$ for your skills and expertise. You truly are very fortunate to have staff like Camila and actually many, many of your staff are all very nice and very special I just felt like I wanted to go the extra mile and recognize this individual for amazing winning attitude and service. My friends and I will all definitely be back as 3 out of 3 experiences at Dave & Busters have all been really nice. I did get a chance to speak with Gregg the manager before I left and made sure he knew what a talented employee Camila and Moi were. The other gentleman working the bar was also super nice. He stopped by numerous times as well checking to see if we were all served and taken care of. He certainly deserves credit as well. So, you spend a little more money but you get a way better Happy Hour experience and relaxing time after work so its well worth it. Long letter I agree but you wanted to know what was so amazing about our visit and now you know. Thanks D&B Sincerely, Cliff
    Amazing service and a lot of fun in the game room. Food was quick and good. Half price drinks on happy hour with half price games on Wednesdays helped saved a ton.
    It was busy but Tommy was able to keep up with everyone and their orders. He's very impressive