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6801 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Dave & Buster's in Los Angeles, CA
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    Find the New Mix of Fun at Dave & Buster’s, the only place with a restaurant serving everything from wings to New York Strips, a bar where your favorite game is always on, and the latest video games. Our Million Dollar Midway offers over 200 video games to not only play but win! Dave & Buster’s is the only place to eat, drink, play, and watch!

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    Everything was great and the bartenders were very friendly. The only thing I would change is the fact that everyone has to come to the bar to get their own drink. It would have been better if I was allowed to take both of our drinks from the bar so she didn't have to stop playing to come get a drink with me.
    Every time I visit I always have an wonderful time. Dave and busters is the type of place that has everything that is needed for a night out.
    Tony is a good worker
    Enjoyed our visit perfect place to bring the whole family thanks D&B
    Eva was a great server ! It was very busy that day and she seemed like her and the other couple people were all very busy that was there. We saw her running in and out and all around and doing a great job! I give it to her and and coworkers they were working it ! I am a server so I watch she did a great job thank u very much for your fantastic service :)
    Christi was very helpful ..very welcoming! This was our second Tim having her
    1 week ago
    Melissa was great! Definitely enjoyed her service and smile.
    I love going to Dave & Busters but in the Hollywood D&B there was a lady who made my experience very unpleasant. To my knowledge her name was MEDINAH. Starting from when I approached her there was no eye contact and pure disrespect in her voice towards me and my girlfriend. I paid $60 to recharge my Game Play card and she claimed she put it on the card but when I went to play it was not on there. I came back to the front and she kept arguing and raising her voice at me about how she did add it and when she went to test it out indeed it was not on there. There was no apology nor sign of being sorry. After over 30 minutes of waiting and going back and forth finally a manager came and did the same thing but added the $60 on the card. MEDINAH went to the next customer and slammed the card on the counter and said there you go. No sorry for the inconvenience nor apologetic nor any compensation for the hour wait. Very disrespectful and disappointed. I don't always do this survey but this time it was necessary! Please take care of her attitude because another guest said she had a bad experience with her as well.
    A - $2 activation fee? *****. utter *****. you charged me for the privilege to spend my money in your establishment. that alone is enough to guarantee that i will not return with my kids. B - games are too expensive. it is obvious that the tactic of (slightly) difficult math is implemented to keep customers unaware of the cost of each game. doing the math --- $40=250 game chips ... 16¢ game chip ... 9.9 tokens/game ... $1.58/game. and each game offers what? 15-25 sec. of entertainment. please tell me (as i am sure your company assesses this) please tell me - what is the average game duration? average game cost? average cost per second? i am sure your customers, who could understand the math, would find that result infuriating. C - turn the volume down! i understand the use of sonic overload to distract and confuse and excite, but ... for shame! it's a casino contrivance used on children. C - it is a fun place for kids. nice job on that. but bilking parents while their children are hyped up on sugar, lights, cacophonies and cheap stuffed animals is contemptible.