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Costa Vida Gage Blvd.

95 Gage Blvd.
Richland, WA 99352
Costa Vida in Richland, WA
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    Just open the door of a Costa Vida restaurant and your escape from the bland and boring begins. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes capture that unique and vibrant Baja experience – leaving you energized, inspired and satisfied. Whether it be the thrilling surf videos played on our flat panel TV's, the high-energy music thumping through our sound system or the incredible smells of the intensely flavored sauces, salsas and our Baja Sweet Pork or Chipotle Chicken made fresh daily - the Baja escape is inevitable. And this awakening of your senses occurs all before you taste the intense flavor combinations that Costa Vida is famous for. Beyond exciting videos and music, the real Costa Vida energy comes from our people, who put their passion into creating unique and flavorful meals, from scratch, everyday. When you're craving a satisfying and intensely flavored lunch or dinner served in a contagiously energetic environment – and made by people who believe in creating meals the right way, Costa Vida's your place. Costa Vida™ Eat Well. Live Inspired.™

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    They ran out Strawberry watermelon smoothie at the DQ.
    When we ordered our food they didn't have any steak so they asked us to wait. It took a while but the gentleman who helped us was very nice about it so the wait wasn't too bad. As soon as the steak was ready Sebastian came to take our order from the table and made sure we were happy with our meal. This is the second time we come and he has served us and as always we receive great service. I really appreciate that he spoke Spanish to my children who wanted to order for themselves. He made them feel comfortable and they enjoyed their meal. The staff at this establishment have always been very welcoming and friendly. Thank you!
    Very friendly smiley
    It takes spectacular to get better than above average. Nothing major, but the beans and meats would be better if drained more, as is food gets runny due to liquid in them.
    Kevin is usually working and is always easy to work with and quick.
    It's as excellent as it usually is. Food was great
    Excellent customer service and very friendly
    Proper food portions, please. I wasn't asking for extra lettuce, I was asking for a normal amount. The staff member still would'nt give me the appropriate portion for this order. Literally Kerry e was like 1/4 cup total, after j asked for more. All pushed on one side. It was ridiculous.
    Team members made an effort to find out what brought me in, and they also made good on suggestions when my requested meat was unavailable.
    They had a wonderful attitude, and made our visit a wonderful experience. They made food suggestions that enhanced our food selections, thus our lunch was GREAT! Keep it up!