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Costa Vida Tooele

1197 N. Main Street
Tooele, UT 84074
Costa Vida in Tooele, UT
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    Just open the door of a Costa Vida restaurant and your escape from the bland and boring begins. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes capture that unique and vibrant Baja experience – leaving you energized, inspired and satisfied. Whether it be the thrilling surf videos played on our flat panel TV's, the high-energy music thumping through our sound system or the incredible smells of the intensely flavored sauces, salsas and our Baja Sweet Pork or Chipotle Chicken made fresh daily - the Baja escape is inevitable. And this awakening of your senses occurs all before you taste the intense flavor combinations that Costa Vida is famous for. Beyond exciting videos and music, the real Costa Vida energy comes from our people, who put their passion into creating unique and flavorful meals, from scratch, everyday. When you're craving a satisfying and intensely flavored lunch or dinner served in a contagiously energetic environment – and made by people who believe in creating meals the right way, Costa Vida's your place. Costa Vida™ Eat Well. Live Inspired.™

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    Every time I come here the manager Shaylie is here and she is the sweetest person here she always takes care of us and nothing is ever wrong when we come
    I held my hand out for the receipt. She set it on the counter in front of me. (Kind of rude) Then told me to sign it. I had no pen. I had to walk 2 registers over to get a pen and sign. I usually give a tip... not today. The little things make a big difference. I still love you guys... a little more work on people skills makes the experience better.
    They were very fast about getting our food done for us. And the lady, who i think was the manager asked us how our meal was while we were dinning in and i thought it was very nice(:
    Great service - cashier was awesome- food was fast
    Always deal with your manager and she is the best!
    Having my order ready when I go to pick it up after sufficient time has passed. I got to the restaurant after waiting the 20 minutes they said it would take to be ready and they hadn't even started on my order and waited another 15 minutes for my order to be completed and still got it wrong. The employee explained that they were short handed and apologized.
    Shaley is amazing. She's always so friendly! Very fast as well. I sware she can make my burrito in one minute!!!! It's always perfect when she makes my food. Fun to watch her work fast as well. Thank you Shaley for an amazing lunch with Costa Vida 😆😆😆😆
    The most dank ever ate you literally leave hungrier because the food Tastes so good you just want more of it everyday great stuff lads. Favorite restaurant
    Well Alissa and shaley served me and they were the best they are so friendly and very cute too so good job on putting them up front to work the counter
    Great customer service