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Costa Vida Tooele

1197 N. Main Street
Tooele, UT 84074
Costa Vida in Tooele, UT
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    Just open the door of a Costa Vida restaurant and your escape from the bland and boring begins. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes capture that unique and vibrant Baja experience – leaving you energized, inspired and satisfied. Whether it be the thrilling surf videos played on our flat panel TV's, the high-energy music thumping through our sound system or the incredible smells of the intensely flavored sauces, salsas and our Baja Sweet Pork or Chipotle Chicken made fresh daily - the Baja escape is inevitable. And this awakening of your senses occurs all before you taste the intense flavor combinations that Costa Vida is famous for. Beyond exciting videos and music, the real Costa Vida energy comes from our people, who put their passion into creating unique and flavorful meals, from scratch, everyday. When you're craving a satisfying and intensely flavored lunch or dinner served in a contagiously energetic environment – and made by people who believe in creating meals the right way, Costa Vida's your place. Costa Vida™ Eat Well. Live Inspired.™

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    Very kind and courteous
    If a staff member is working on an order for someone standing at the counter, they should finish that order before neglecting it to take care of the phone in order that just arrived in the middle of what they are already working on. My tacos sat for over five minutes on the counter, getting cold, while they rushed to prepare a phone in order for the person who wasn't even in the building yet. Also the guy wiping down the counter shouldn't touch my food with his hands that he's wiping the counter with, without changing his gloves. I ended up with some items from the phone in order tossed in my bag along with what I ordered, no idea what was on the staff's minds tonight, but it obviously wasn't my order.
    Your Tortilla maker is awesome!!
    The asstant manager was very very nice. She took time to check my order and make sure everything was right before she rang me up. Amazing customer service from her. Great job Tooele Costa Vida.
    I asked the server to please drain the liquid off of the pico so that my taco shell did not tear apart, and he did not. I think a ladle with holes in it would be great for the pico
    I was greeted right away and my food was ready when I got there. They quickly rang up my order and asked if I wanted my receipt. They were very friendly
    They were pretty good
    It took a very long time to get our food, even though there was no line when we arrived. Maybe the employees are new? I ordered my children's kids meals first, and their quesadillas were started. But it took so long for my salad and nachos to be made that my kids said their quesadillas were crunchier than the chips.
    It was a great time. Always fresh ingredients. The workers are quick to help. Sometiems long lines because of the great food, but that doesn't stop me! And the workers always make it pleasant.