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Costa Vida Rancho Cordova

10831 Olson Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95630
Costa Vida in Rancho Cordova, CA
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    Just open the door of a Costa Vida restaurant and your escape from the bland and boring begins. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes capture that unique and vibrant Baja experience – leaving you energized, inspired and satisfied. Whether it be the thrilling surf videos played on our flat panel TV's, the high-energy music thumping through our sound system or the incredible smells of the intensely flavored sauces, salsas and our Baja Sweet Pork or Chipotle Chicken made fresh daily - the Baja escape is inevitable. And this awakening of your senses occurs all before you taste the intense flavor combinations that Costa Vida is famous for. Beyond exciting videos and music, the real Costa Vida energy comes from our people, who put their passion into creating unique and flavorful meals, from scratch, everyday. When you're craving a satisfying and intensely flavored lunch or dinner served in a contagiously energetic environment – and made by people who believe in creating meals the right way, Costa Vida's your place. Costa Vida™ Eat Well. Live Inspired.™

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    The staff here is so friendly! I love coming in here because everyone always has a smile on their face and because we come in so often they always ask us how our day is! And we love how the staff come around to the tables and ask if they can get us anything! Great customer service! Love love this place!!!
    Excellent customer service by Jose.
    Costa Vida is a weekly part of my dining experience and the employees are usually extremely well-mannered and willing to help with my food requests. Today, however, the General Manager at Rancho Cordova was rude and inattentive with myself and my friend. The employees there usually give the maximum of 4oz of meat with our orders, today the manager gave us much less and clearly explained that we must pay more for extra meat. Considering he gave us much less than usual, I was not happy to pay for more but I obliged because your sweet pork is amazing. My friend ordered two quesadillas, one with sweet pork and one with half the order of sweet pork and half the order of chicken. He specified half and half, not a full order of one and a full order of the other. He asked for more meat, and instead of giving him a double order of meat on both, the manager gave him a double order of meat on the side which amounted to an extra $8 to his bill. $4 over the actual amount. Upon checkout, the manager did not want to accept my coupon for a free entree with the order of one entree and two drinks, he tried to deny it. We insisted and he eventually accepted it, which is funny because the coupon is for this specific location. My bill came out to around $11, which is correct. However, before the coupon, my friend's bill came to around $35. After the coupon it was $24, which is still almost double what it usually is when using this specific coupon. The extra $8 coming from a false side order of double meat. The manager, I believe his name is Paul or Raul, does not know how to properly work with customers on ensuring an appropriate experience and we are horribly dissatisfied with our experience. We will not be returning to the Rancho Cordova location ever again. Thank you.
    Quality of the food and the amazing taste of all of the cheeses that is provided.
    They are so careful with my gluten allergy. It is such a blessing to come somewhere where they care to take the time to make it possible to have a nice night out with my family
    Everything is good. Will come back. I love the food. The staff is always friendly and nice. The place is always clean. We love coming here. I come here often.
    I can think of anything.
    Service excellence and fresh food is always consistent here.
    We are regulars and come in two or three times a month, lunch and diner alike. We are always satisfied with the service and the food. All the Team Members are friendly and helpful.
    It was great food and service. Like every time I go.